Red Calcite: Moving Energy

    Calcites are remarkable healing stones, and red calcite is no exception. They have a gentle and penetrating energy that is able to get to the heart of an issue. Red Calcite is an excellent stone for grounding and moving stagnant energy. It works...

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Jasper and Agate: What’s the Difference

This is a question I get asked a lot. It took me a long time to learn the difference between jasper and agate. There are still some times when I get confused, but it seems that geologists can also get confused between these two classifications of stone. Basically they...

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Golden Healer Layout: Deeper Awakening

I have been experimenting with golden healer crystals this month. When I got these stones, I knew that they were going to be important. It has been several years since I have seen these stones. They are appearing now because the time has come for them to reappear and...

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Golden Ray Grid: Gateway to Higher Consciousness

The golden ray grid pictured here acts as a gateway to higher consciousness. It contains stones that I consider high vibration connectors: Heliodor, Citrine, Plasma Quartz and Brucite. Bringers of light each and every one. One of the best definitions of the Golden Ray...

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Stones of the Sun: Radiance in Form

    In keeping with the sun celebration here at Spirit Dancer, I am going to write about some of the stones that I think best represent that energy. The sun is all about transformation and regeneration. It is about possibility and taking positive action. The...

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Citrine: Stone of Radiance

  To me, citrine is the stone that most captures the light of the sun in all of its radiance. In this season of the return of the sun, this is a particularly appropriate stone to focus on. I feature it periodically, because it is one of my favorite stones. One of...

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” I received the green chlorite phantom quartz point today and it is STUNNING! The picture on the web didn’t do it justice, but I felt it was the “right” one and I am in awe.”

Susan D.,  Michigan

“I received my second set of crystals yesterday. Thanks you for offering such a nice selection. It’s a joy to shop on your website — informative, easy to navigate and of course, stocked with so any beautiful pieces. I also appreciate your great packaging and fast delivery.”

Nancy, Hawaii

“I can’t thank you enough. I am ecstatic about the citrine. It is perfect, exquisite and wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Rebecca M., IL

“Thank you for the session last week. Very helpful!! John, my Hawaiian shaman friend said he could feel a shift in the energy from me, so thank you again because I feel more like myself.”

Steve L., Chicago, IL

I have to tell you…I got the best night’s sleep on Saturday! I felt so light! Sort of like playing outside on a crisp autumn day and not knowing you are cold until you come in where it is warm and toasty. That’s the feeling……I didn’t know I was ‘heavy’ with stuff until I could feel it no longer there. Awesome experience. So for the past 3 nights I have just remembered that light feeling and I just float away. Amazing work you do Jean. Amazing.

Katherine K. Nashville, TN