1st Chakra: Gateway to the Physical

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Crystal Musings

In many ways the 1st chakra may be the most essential energy center in the body. It is your connection to Mother Earth. Being grounded fully in the physical body allows you to experience and create the things you desire as a soul.

The 1st chakra, or Muludhara in Sanskrit, is found at the base of the spine. Its quality is physical life force. It concerns your survival in the physical body, as well as your basic physical needs.

On a more symbolic level, the 1st chakra is related to life lessons learned or experienced in the material world. It is connected to family of origin, the culture you were born into, and to fundamental survival instincts.

The 1st chakra is the foundation that supports all other growth and development in life. It grounds you in this reality. It is only through the physical that you can reach the spiritual while in a body.

The energy of this chakra manifests as the need for logic, order and structure. The more you are disconnected from first chakra energy, the more you will focus on logic, order, etc.

When your are firmly connected and flowing in the energy of this chakra, you feel safe no matter what is going on, and are more able to take life as it comes.

1st Chakra Blockages Manifest in the Body*

  • In the physical body support systems
  • Base of the spine issues
  • Legs/bones (how you walk in the world
  • Feet
  • Rectum
  • Immune system weakness

Mental/Emotional 1st Chakra Issues*

  • Feeling safe within the family or community
  • Ability to provide for life’s necessities
  • Ability to stand up for yourself
  • Feeling at home on the Earth
  • Living by society’s rules or family-imposed rules as opposed to your own intuition

Physical Conditions of 1st Chakra Imbalance*

  • Chronic low back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Varicose Veins
  • Depression
  • Immune-related disorders (including auto-immune)

How Do Stones Fit Into This?

Stones have been used since ancient times for their healing and vibrational properties. They are one of the many ways to work with the energies of the chakras.

When a stone is placed on a chakra directly, or held/worn somewhere on the body, this can facilitate healing on all levels.

First, it aligns the connection between the physical body and the energetic, or etheric, body. Then it transfers the energy of the stone or mineral to the physical body.

The colors that correspond to the 1st chakra are red, black and brown.

Red, in this case relates to physical life force, and to strength and vitality. It is also associated with anger, which is the life force out of balance. It is the color of fire and warmth — fire being the very core of the Earth.

In addition to opening, balancing, and recharging the 1st chakra, red stones are good for blood diseases and any area where heat is needed. Red is stimulating and activating.

Examples of Red Stones

Garnet, Dolomite, Ruby & Bloodstone

Ruby — provides positive life-force energy. It is a stone of strength. It heats and stimulates the body. Historically ruby has been used as a stone of protection against outside threats both psychic and physical(security and safety are 1st chakra issues).

Garnet — grounds you firmly in the physical body. Also used for protection in a similar way to ruby. Most 1st chakra stones are protective in some way. Garnet strengthens the aura to create a shield of highly charged positive energy. It works with this chakra to extract negative energy and promote health. Garnet energizes the system working from root to crown to provide the free flow of energy.

Bloodstone — a grey-green stone that contains red jasper. Bloodstone heals the physical body, especially conditions related to the blood. It calms anger. It also provides centering and grounding.

Dolomite — is useful for energy alignment and blockage removal. It can stop energy leaks from the chakras. Works with all chakras.

Examples of Black/Brown Stones

Obsidian, Smoky Quartz & Tourmaline

These stones provide grounding and protection from negativity. Grounding can assist in the acceptance of of the healing energies of other stones placed on the body.

Brown and Black Tourmaline — these stones both absorb or repel negative energy. In grounding you, they allow you to function within any situation. They stimulate the 1st chakra, creating a deep sense of safety.

Obsidian — an excellent grounding stone. Obsidian provides a connection from the base of the spine to the core of the Earth. (As volcanic glass, it is formed deep in the Earth.)

Smoky Quartz — overcomes depression and negative emotions. It is also very grounding. It is good to use in the hands or under the feet to create stability. This stone transforms negative energy patterns that are deep seated in the body.

This is by no means a complete list of 1st chakra stones. The stones listed here are a good place to start when working with the 1st chakra. As you work and learn more about this powerful connection to healing energy, there will be many others that present themselves to use for physical healing and connection.

  • These lists come from Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss
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