Are You Ready To Let Go and Re-write Your Story?

Starting May 22nd

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There is nothing that clarifies thoughts and feelings quicker than writing them down.

There they are right in front of you, where you can see them, and explore where they come from or where they might go.

Writing gives you enormous clarity. It hones in on just what needs to happen for changes to be made.

It is, however, sometimes hard to find the time or to stare at a blank page.

It can be hard to summon the intuitive guidance that takes you from a bunch of garbled thoughts to an open field of possibility. I know, I’ve been there.

This class is an offering from my heart to yours, to help you find that radical creativity within you. To summon change without fear.

Your mission in this course is to connect with the experiences that have negatively affected your life, write them down and heal them so that you can create a new story that is fully aligned with your truest self.

In This 8-week Live Online Course You Will

  • Overcome resistance to examining what holds you back
  • Stare down fear and write your way free from it
  • Begin to trust your creativity
  • Reconnect with past pain and move to the other side of it
  • Connect with angels and guides to assist you with this
  • Do all of this in a safe and supportive atmosphere — no judgments


  • Newfound clarity on your path
  • Tools to identify and release the places that you feel fear and resistance
  • Writing as a practice to create what you desire easily and effortlessly
  • The ripple affects on your relationships and your life that healing brings
  • Easy connection with intuitive guidance to assist your creativity

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    Jean Tindle is an author, teacher, and healer. This course comes out of her book Wisdom of the Grandmothers: Tips for Living from the Realms of Love.
She is looking forward to taking this journey with you into your deepest healing. For more information on Jean click here.