honoring the ancestors


Here at Spirit Dancer Crystals November is a month for honoring the ancestors — those in our biological line and those lineages we are connected to in spirit.

For some, they are one and the same, and for others there are considerable differences.

No matter what tradition you honor, this is a month of remembering, of going within, and of paying tribute to the wisdom of those who came before.

In the Celtic tradition (which is close to my heart), the beginning of November is the start of the new year.

It is a time of introspection and connection to ancestral wisdom and spirit guides in many traditions.

Ways of Honoring the Ancestors


Here are some ways you can work with the energy of the ancestors:

  •      Create an ancestor altar — create a special place that will not be disturbed. Use a cloth or weaving that is beautiful and meaningful to you. Place pictures or objects on the altar of those you wish to connect with, and remember. Use a candle to create a focus point. Other things you may want to include are crystals and stones that have depth and layers like black moonstone or rainbow obsidian. A bowl of water can represent the feminine lineage. Fruit and flowers honor and feed the spirits.
  •      Create an ancestor plate with fruit, nuts, chocolate, dried corn, and other things that are delicious. Put the plate outside under a tree as an offering to spirit. If you can’t put it outside, leave it at your altar overnight. When you remove the plate, don’t eat the food — the essence will be gone from it.
  •      Write out some of your fears and put them in a bowl or basket. At the next full moon burn them and release them to the heavens. Ask for guidance from your ancestors as to how to release or work with your fears for your highest growth.

There are many other ways to honor your ancestors. What are some of your favorite ways?

I like to take some time before the craziness of the holiday season to go within and honor those who have come before me. I am in great gratitude for all they have taught me.