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Spirit Dancer Crystals is about the healing power of beauty. This I know: there is so much beauty contained within this Earth, and it makes itself available to us for our own healing and connection. The stones are the bones of Mother Earth. She offers them to us to use for reconnection, balance and restoration. Spirit Dancer was born from a love of this beauty, and a deep desire to share and distribute this understanding throughout the world.

There are many strands to the Spirit Dancer story – a love of music, sound, dance and the rhythms of nature. After a long period of separation from these fundamental things, as I struggled to fit into an artificial world of work and the “shoulds” of others, I formed this business which is close to my heart and my purpose for being here in this body.

Through a long study of the shamanic paths of various traditions, I learned to deeply listen to the Earth, and what emerged very clearly for me was the song of the stones. They offered themselves – their wisdom and medicine – to me as the primary tools I use to heal myself and others.

This website is the fruit of many years of study and listening. Here I offer you a way to connect with the stones and minerals of Mother Earth. Inside this website you will find the crystals and stones that I have discovered to be the most resonant for my own healing. I will show you many instrumental ways to use them, both on this site and through classes that I offer.

I welcome you and invite you into the beauty of the crystal realm. Explore. Ask questions. To get you started here are some ways to look at the site:


About Jean Tindle

Jean Tindle has studied shamanic healing for many years with teachers and healers in South America and the U.S. These include apprenticeships with Susan Lipshutz LCSW and Dr. Tom Voitas in Chicago, and in the U.S. with Peruvian maestro curandero Oscar Miro Quesada. She has also spent many months in the jungles of Peru studying with medicine men of the Capanahua and Shipibo tribes and in Chile with the feminine tradition of the Mapuche. She has trained with the 4 Winds Academy in Cincinnati in Crystal Healing and Crystal Surgery Techniques I, II, and III. She is a Reiki Master and certified sound healer. Jean is available to teach workshops, and do healing work both in the Madison WI area and around the United States. She can be reached at jeantindle@spiritdancercrystals.com or 312-497-0767.

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