Aqua Aura

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The beauty of Aqua Aura draws people in almost immediately. It is the light iridescent blue of star shine. There are those who doubt the crystal’s effectiveness because it is man made (or really man-enhanced). I feel that it offers the best of man and mineral in one package.


What is Aqua Aura Exactly

How is this crystal made? Aqua Aura is made when quartz or spirit quartz is put in a chamber with gold molecules and given an electric charge. The quartz attracts the gold which then fuses to the surface of the crystal and cannot be rubbed off. Through this alchemy, both elements become one.

The aqua aura crystal then contains the healing properties of both gold and quartz, and goes beyond both to become something different again.

Stone Story

One of the best stories I have heard about this stone is that in the early years of its existence, people asked the old stone channelers if the quartz was hurt by this process. Their answer was: no, it was just like getting dressed up to go to a party.

What My Guides Say About Aqua Aura

The energy of aqua aura is completely balanced. It can be used to clear all chakras of negative, toxic, or stuck energy.

It is a stone of elevation. It will help you stay in an elevated state of Being. In this state anger, disillusion, and chaos cannot touch you. When you dwell in this state as much as you can, you will begin to hear the whisperings of your Spirit. You will begin to know the ways in which your spirit will continue to be fed.

A very joyful state of equilibrium can be attained through the use of this crystal. It is one of the keys to reaching a state of grace while in a human body. More and more this will become the norm for many on this Earth. When you need assistance with this Aqua Aura is available to help.

Use this stone to facilitate the release of anything that keeps you from attaining a state of ease and calm. It will clear your energy field of all negativity. It is a good facilitator for breathwork because it eases the process of release.

A companion in dreaming and meditation, Aqua Aura will gelp to connect you with 6th to 8th dimensional guidance. In shamanic journey or astral travel, it will allow you to move through dimensions without fear, knowing that you are protected and guided.

Aqua Aura is truly a stone for the times. A strong and vibrant reminder of the best of human and crystal working as One.

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