Citrine: Stone of Radiance

To me, citrine is the stone that most captures the light of the sun in all of its radiance. In this season of the return of the sun, this is a particularly appropriate stone to focus on.

I feature it periodically, because it is one of my favorite stones. One of my friends once said that she would buy all the citrine in the world if she could. A woman after my own heart.

Traditionally, citrine works with the 3rd chakra, and it helps you connect to your own power which comes from love. It is also a stone of abundance and manifestation.

According to my favorite book, Crystalline Communion 2000, “the third chakra is where we inhale our inspiration for life, and citrine facilitates an influx of white light and positive energies through this chakra.”

Lately the energies of this stone are working with the heart chakra and the 5th dimensional frequency of compassion that originates there.It is the stone most connected with the “Christ Consciousness” of the new energies coming onto the Earth at this time.

Citrine helps you to access your own radiance. It connects you to the work of your highest essence. What I see it doing is assisting you to access more of your “higher self” within the physical body.

Use this stone when you want to get clear, release distractions and fears, and really connect with the power that comes from Source.

Citrines connect you with your own sun energy, especially when you feel depleted or sad.

Some of the new citrines I have for sale come from South Africa. They have a natural deep gold color that is amazing. You can see them here.

Zyamara Jasper

Zyamara jasper is a stone that is new to me. It comes from Madagascar and the exotic name and location are reflected in these stunning stones.

I looked into the stone deeply in order to feel my way into its story. I could see it swirling, drifting and forming pictures that morphed into other pictures.

This is a stone of shapeshifting. There are layers and layers of meaning here and it takes time to bring them all out.

Zyamara jasper will assist you in exploring the many layers of your soul’s journey:

  • What do you need to uncover for more understanding?
  • What layers need to be shed so that you can move forward with ease?
  • What do you need for your highest healing?

This jasper will help you answer these questions.

It is a stone that can unravel and bring into the open all of the masks you wear. In doing this it will help you to get at the truth of who you are. Once you have this understanding, you can move into self-acceptance, and finally into self love.

Look deeply into this stone, meditate on the images you see there, and allow information and answers to surface.

Another way to work with Zyamara jasper is to formulate a question, then repeat the meditation above, seeing the answers come out through the intricate designs within the stone.

Here are a few of these gorgeous stones:

These stones have sold out. Look for more after the 2019 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.


Indonesian Jasper: Stone of Heart Opening

indonesian jasperI just found this Indonesian Jasper at the Denver Gem and Mineral show. Although I know and love jasper, this one was new to me.

It is a lovely green and red/pink color and I immediately felt its heart energy.

When I sat down to listen to the stone I heard this first. This stone will ground in a completely open heart. I will allow hearts to stay open and protected at the same time.

Here are some “direct quotes” from the stone:

  • I will watch over you as you spread unconditional love throughout the planet.
  • I will be there when you need a loving place to land and gather yourself to yourself.
  • I can remind you that the Great Mother is always there to sustain and replenish you when you are tired and overwhelmed.
  • I am here to help you rest when you need it.

There is a softness that is emerging that may not be seen or obvious. It is the gradual (or sometimes not so gradual) opening of all hearts. This feeling may be unfamiliar to many and sometimes even frightening. This stone is here to remind you that this heart softening is a natural state of being.

When you reach thia state, relax into it and the evidence of the true shift in the energies of the planet/Universe will begin to appear all around you.

Use this jasper as a touchstone for unconditional love. Give it to others as a token of this love.

Here are some other ways to use this stone:

  • Jasper is naturally grounding, so it can be used when you are feeling scattered and unfocused.
  • It is a very healing stone physically, so this particular jasper can be used on the physical heart as an addition to other therapies.]
  • It a a gentle energy, so can be used really well with children.
  • In a grid, it can be used to successfully ground the energy of unconditional love onto the planet.

Below are some of the stones available on this site right now:


Best Crystals for Beginners

One question I get asked all of the time about crystals is — “I am new to this, what are some good stones to use if you are just beginning?”

My answer may vary from time to time, but one thing is constant: my favorite all-around tool is clear quartz.

With a clear quartz crystal point, you can do almost anything. Quartz can be programmed with your intention. It is a perfect “holder” of information. (more…)

Apophyllite: Portal Stone of Transcendance

ApoApophyllitephyllite is a stone I use for elevation. It sparkles out to the Universe with joy.

To work with any stone, I first ask the stone how it wishes to be used. It will speak to me (or sometimes not) and I will simply write down what I hear and feel.

When I sat with my apophyllite here is what I received:

The feeling of joy, exuberance, and a desire to dance came to me immediately. You cannot hold this stone without smiling. It uplifts your spirits and raises the vibration of all it touches.

Like most crystals, it will speak to you in song and tone, but with this particular stone it is much easier to hear this. It is the sweet clear voice of the angels.

Apophyllite is the diamond light that transforms us all, creating a portal to transcendence. It attunes you to the knowledge of passages from one place to another. It creates a bridge into the light when you need it most.

This stone helps you to know the way of least resistance — whether in times of birth and death — or just as a passage from one way of living to another. It helps you to see the subtleties of choices, and to fashion your choosing in ways that serve your soul.

There are several good ways to use apophyllite. It is an excellent stone to use in grids. It beautifully elevates and clears the energy of a room. It brings in a higher vibration and a  feeling of joy. I have them all over my house, I am always finding little grids that I forgot were there. They always bring a smile when I find them.

For a grid, you can work with 5 – 11 apophyllites alone or mix some in with any grid you are creating to elevate the vibration of your space.

Apophyllite is also an excellent stone to use when you meditate. Because it creates a portal, there is easy access into the unseen worlds where guidance and answers are available.

In a few days I will add a video meditation to use with apophyllite. Just grab your stone, hold it in your left hand and get comfortable.

I welcome comments and questions about how you experience your apophyllite. To see stones available for purchase click here.

Carnelian: Interesting Facts On Its History and Uses

As promised in November’s newsletter, here is some more in-depth information on historic uses of carnelian. This fascinating stone has been used since ancient times for both its beauty and its healing and protective qualities.

Carnelian: Begin With Color

Carnelian Color has always been a big part of how a stone or crystal works. According to the book Edgar Cayce On the Power of Color Stones and Crystals, by Dan Campbell, “Traced down to its smallest particles, the material world reveals itself as vibration. It is through their vibrations that colors speak to us.” The color within a stone determines the velocity at which it vibrates, which in turn is in resonance with a particular area of the body.

Because people all have unique vibratory qualities, no one stone is a fit for everyone, nor will it definitely correspond with a particular area of the body. Campbell (who is referring to the teachings of Edgar Cayce) states, “A stone can offer benefits to a person if the vibrations of each are in accord.”

According to Cayce, orange is expansive mentally and physically, assisting in the assimilation of thought as well as food. its vibration is in resonance with the procreation process. It also arouses the mind to greater awareness, which can be brought to bear on the creative process. It wakes us up. If the qualities of light an color were not available to ancient man, the feeling of stones and gems came through without the understanding. (more…)