Best Crystals for Beginners

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Crystal Musings, Front Page

One question I get asked all of the time about crystals is — “I am new to this, what are some good stones to use if you are just beginning?”

My answer may vary from time to time, but one thing is constant: my favorite all-around tool is clear quartz.

With a clear quartz crystal point, you can do almost anything. Quartz can be programmed with your intention. It is a perfect “holder” of information.

In fact, in the beginning years of computers, quartz crystal (silicon dioxide) was used in programming for its ability to hold and transmit information. Now, of course, they use manufactured silicon dioxide and other things for this purpose.

If you are setting up your first collection of stones be sure to include a clear quartz. It doesn’t have to be completely eye clear. As a matter of fact, I like my quartz to have veils, inclusions and rainbows — it adds to their beauty and magic.

To program your quartz crystal:

  • Focus for a few minutes on your intention.
  • Hold the quartz in your dominant or projective hand (usually the right).
  • Send your thoughts down your arm and into the crystal.
  • You can use your breath to intensify the experience.
  • When you can feel the quartz “buzzing” then it is done.

The crystal will hold your intention for as long as you are working with it. When you are done with a particular intention, clear the quartz and reprogram.

You can do this as many times as you like. One note: Only work with one intention at a time in any particular quartz. As with all things, focus is key and the more you scatter your focus, the less effective it will be.

There are 3 or 4 other stones I also recommend for those who are new to crystals.

  1. Garneta cubic silicate mineral that is formed with many other minerals. Because of this, garnet is found in many different colors, but always in a dodecahedron shape. I love garnets because they are very grounding and energizing at the same time. They work well with the physical body to open up energy channels and speed the healing process. Garnets are also very protective in that they keep the energy field intact so that outside energy stays outside.
  2. Fluoritecalcium fluoride. This stone is a great one to use to create a peaceful, balanced atmosphere. I began using this stone many years ago because someone told me that it was a good stone to put on your desk to dispel chaos. It brings clarity of thought as well. My other favorite use for this versatile stone is as a natural anti-inflammatory. It is the best stone I know for pain relief.
  3. Black Tourmalinethis is the best stone for protection. It deflects negative or toxic energy back into the Universe. Carry it with you when you are in stressful situations. It is also a great stone to have at your doorway and throughout your house to keep the energy clear.
  4. CitrineI am adding citrine here because it is one of my favorites. It is a beautiful gold color, a form of quartz with iron diffused throughout. It is a stone of abundance and manifestation. It is highly energized and connects you with your own personal power. A stone of strength and clarity.

You can’t go wrong with any of these stones in your tool kit. As you get more involved with crystals and their healing energies, you will find a whole world will open up. To my mind it is a fascinating and miraculous world of beauty and energy.

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