Zyamara Jasper

Zyamara Jasper

Zyamara jasper is a stone that is new to me. It comes from Madagascar and the exotic name and location are reflected in these stunning stones. I looked into the stone deeply in order to feel my way into its story. I could see it swirling, drifting and forming pictures...

The Elemental Feminine: Wind, Stars and Within

The Elemental Feminine: Wind Stars and Within Join Lois Remeikis and Jean Tindle on Friday March 31, 2017 to Sunday April 2, 2017 for our second workshop, The Elemental Feminine: Wind, Stars and Within, for a deeper experience of the ñustas. You do not need to have...

Crystals for Protection

Whether you have just stepped onto the never-ever-ever-a-dull-moment path of doing energy work or you are a well-seasoned traveler, one thing becomes apparent very quickly: you have to be vigilant about protecting yourself energetically. Crystals for protection are a...

Tsavorite Garnets

Tsavorite garnets are one of the strongest stones I have found in a long time. It may seem like I write about garnets more than any other stone, and this is true. They are stunning healing tools and the range of work they can do is astonishing. They work on all levels...

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