Action Creates Clarity: 4 Stones to Get You Started


I always think of September as a time to get back in action.

Summer is winding down and the cooler days make it easier to get things done.

It reminds me of going back to school — the anticipation, excitement, and yes, a little bit of dread.

These days I feel like action is called for, but I’m not always sure where to put my efforts.

Going off in twenty different directions and never getting anything accomplished.

Or trying to decide the perfect action to take among many, and ending up doing nothing, putting things off because I don’t know what action would be best.

Sound familiar?

My favorite quote from a business coach (sorry, I can’t remember who) is “Action creates clarity.”

Sometimes you just have to pick a task or project and go for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect or every detail isn’t planned. Just act and the clarity will follow.

Whether the action succeeds or fails is not important. Either way you have a little more clarity than you did before.

My only caveat in all of this is — be sure you get that little leap in your heart when you think about what action you want to take.

The heart’s whisper can carry you much farther than any “I should” will ever do.

Because I’m all about the stones and crystals, I have chosen 4 stones that can assist you in getting some clarity on what your next steps may be.

These are not a substitute for action, they just may provide some assistance as you move forward.


apatiteApatite is about freedom of expression. It is about saying what you need to say without censoring yourself.

This stone is a superb throat chakra stone. It opens and balances the voice, allowing you total freedom to be authentic in your words and actions.

Apatite is an aid to clarity in that it helps you to get clear on what you need to express and how you need to express it.

To purchase apatite click here.



ApophylliteThese light, clear beauties encourage clarity of thought.

Apophyllites give off a high light vibration that allow thoughts to flow to you with ease.

They help you to sift through the fogginess and focus in on ideas, dreams and actions that will move you forward.

To purchase Apophyllite click here.


AstrophylliteAstrophyllite improves focus, clarity, and memory. The long golden coppery needles draw you into the stone. It is great for meditation and opening or strengthening the 7th chakra.

This stone connects you with non-physical beings in this world and beyond.

Facilitates astral travel.

To purchase astrophyllite click here.


Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamonds are good teachers, allowing your own growth to come forth as needed.

These stones connect you to your higher guidance. When you need extra help in getting clear, sometimes you just need to ask and guidance is on the way.

Use a herkimer when you are out of ideas and you need an influx of light and understanding to get you back on track.

There are other stones that provide clarity. These are some of my favorites. What are your favorite stones to help you get clear?

Magic Wands: Healing with Beauty and Intention

Magic wandsMy partner Bob (of Magical Delights) has been making magic wands for over 30 years.

H works away steadily in his workshop in our basement creating beauty — day in and day out.

He has some very specific ideas about magic and about the healing energies of stones and crystals. And his wands can be found all over the world at this point.

Anyone who has worked with and/or experienced Bob’s magic wands knows the depth of energy and healing that can be found within them.

The “Black Wand” is Born

In the last year or so, there has been a new design of magic wand introduced through a download that occured as we were shopping at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

Bob was guided to buy obsidian pieces with various designs on them — gold sheen obsidian, rainbow obsidian, spiderweb obsidian — among others.

In the same room as the obsidian, was a vendor selling shungite points. Shungite is a carbon mineral that protects the body from EMF frequencies. It seemed like the perfect thing to put in a wand.

Immediately after this, we were pulled in by fairy stones (aka pudding stones) from Canada.

Many of these stones have etched markings on them. To Bob, they looked like reiki symbols. To me they were more like a language.

The most remarkable thing about these finds was that they were presented to us in immediate succession. Like they were forming themselves into wands as we walked through and got them.

When all of the stones got home and unwrapped, they were laid out on the table together. As Bob looked at them, the design and purpose of the “black wand” was downloaded at once. The whole picture came to him in one piece.

The Purpose of This Wand

There is no predetermination of use with these black wands. All of the stones used in them have little or no crystalline structure.

Some of the stones used are obsidian, shungite, fairy stone, moldavite, pearl and amber — these last two not really being stones.

While you can program a quartz or crystalline magic wand, the other stones contained within the wand will pretty much tell you what the energy is about. They create a gridwork of energy.

With the black wands, none of that energy is there to begin with. You can let the energy of your intention for the wand move through it.

Black wands can be both/either receptive of energy, or projective, depending on the healer’s intention or the client’s need.

In other words, they can draw energy away from the client or project energy into the client.

Also, by using your intention, and the energy moving through you, you can determine the frequency of the energy being transmitted.

These magic wands were designed specifically for practitioners/healers with a certain level of experience with stones and healing energy frequencies.

An Example of Healing

For me, the best illustration of how the wands work came when I was working on a client of mine.

She naturally has a lot of fire energy, and during one of her sessions, I got the overwhelming sense that she needed water/flow energy, and she needed it NOW.

I had not used the black wand before, but it seemed to light up on the table. So I picked it up and with all of my focus and prayers “programmed” the wand to have water energy.

I laid it on her chest, and continued with the rest of the healing work.

At the end of the session, when we were processing the work, she said, “I don’t know what you did, but in the middle of the session I felt like I was standing in a waterfall. It felt like I was being washed clean.”

This is how the magic of intention works.

“The proper use of the proper force with the proper intention, as Bob always says.

Some Tips for Using the Black Wand

  • Focus on the client and allow the non-directionality of this wand to open to the free flow of spiritual guidance/guides in the Universe. Let this energy connect through the wand with the client’s specific guides. This creates a bridge of information and energies between the two, and allows you as the healer to just be the instrument of the energies being transmitted.
  • Since the dominant color of these wands is black, which is the totality of al colors (or absorption of all colors), the energy of the rainbow, or all healing frequencies, is available through these magic wands.
  • If there is a specific intention for the healing work you are doing, or if there are several intentions at once, program the wand and let it work on one intention, freeing you up to work with others.

Finally, if you would like to have one of these beauties, I would encourage you to experiment with it yourself and see what healing energies it reveals to you. To purchase a wand click here.

Let us know your stories — we are excited to hear other ways in which these powerful tools can be of assistance.



Red Calcite: Moving Energy



Calcites are remarkable healing stones, and red calcite is no exception.

They have a gentle and penetrating energy that is able to get to the heart of an issue.

Red Calcite is an excellent stone for grounding and moving stagnant energy. It works particularly well with the first and second chakras. As it works, it increases energy, leaving you feeling invigorated and vibrant.

Healing Energy of Red Calcite

Another interesting use for red calcite arises from the way it looks — similar to muscle. Because of this, it is a wonderful mineral for easing physical muscle tension.

I have a friend who is a nurse, and she purchased a red calcite for her own physical healing. The next week she came back and bought 2 more because she had given hers to a patient. Two weeks later she came back again and said she needed 10 stones. “I keep giving them to patients and they love them, so I can’t keep my own stone.” She still comes by now and then to get her supply of calcite. “It just makes everyone feel really good,” she tells me.

Red Calcite is also a great stone to use when you are starting a new project — particularly a creative project.

Exercise to Use With Red Calcite

Here is an exercise you can do when you are beginning a project or new phase of your life.

The intention of this exercise is to address and release any fear or anxiety about the project (or life change). Anything that might hold you back.

These are the steps:

  1. Sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Hold a red calcite on your 2nd chakra (just below your navel).
  3. Focus on any fear or anxiety you have about your plan/project that is holding you back.
  4. Create an image/color for this fear and surround your image with the color red. (It can also just be a red ball.)
  5. Let the color surround the image you have come up with.
  6. Focus on your breath — take a deep breath in and as you release the breath, imagine you are releasing/pushing your fear into the stone held at the 2nd chakra.
  7. Do this breath work for as long as the color remains in your body (or until it significantly dissapates).
  8. Take one final breath and really push the last of the color into the stone.
  9. Remove the stone and cleanse.

This exercise can be done several times if the issue you are working on is large.

You can get extra support as you do this by creating a circle of grounding stones around the place you are sitting.

I find this exercise very helpful. It bypasses the thinking mind and just works with the body.

The less you get into your head about it, the better it will work. I know this from my own experience :).

I will create a video to talk you through this. Click here for the video.




Jasper and Agate: What’s the Difference

jasperThis is a question I get asked a lot. It took me a long time to learn the difference between jasper and agate. There are still some times when I get confused, but it seems that geologists can also get confused between these two classifications of stone.

Basically they are both made up of microcrystalline quartz. According to Hobart King, geologist at, “the word microcrystalline means that the quartz is in the form of crystals that are so small that a microscope must be used to visualize them individually.”

I have linked the article above because it is a very clear and concise explanation of jasper and agate. (He throws in chalcedony as well but I’m keeping it simple here.)

Both jasper and agate are forms of chalcedony, as well as being classified as quartz (SIO2.

Agates are translucent to semitransparent and jaspers are opaque.


Agates, according to Mr. King, “form in areas of volcanic activity where waters, rich in dissolved silica (quartz) flow through fractures and cavities in igneous rock. When the solution is highly concentrated with dissolved silica, a silica gel can form on the walls of these cavities. That gel will slowly crystallize to form microcrystalline quartz.”

Impurities within the silica create the colorful bands in agate over time.


Jasper is formed when there are enough impurities or foreign matter to make the rock opaque.

Again, Mr. King writes, “jasper often forms when fine particulate minerals are cemente together by the silica gel.”

I would encourage you to go to the article and read the entire thing for more interesting information.

Some Notes on Healing Uses

While my interests in rocks and crystals came from a purely metaphysical space, I find the geology fascinating as well.

In reading the article mentioned here, I had a few insights on how I might use some of these stones going forward. (Or why I use them in the way I do.)

Jasper has always seemed to work exceptionally well on the denser physical level of the body. It penetrates that denseness and gets to the heart of what has manifested as a physical problem or symptom.

Agate, on the other hand, often works with the more fluid nature of the emotions.

Together I feel they make a healing matrix that can be used to get to the heart of a physical problem, and to work with both the symptoms and the root cause.

In both cases, if you are a collector focused on the beauty of Mother Earth, you can’t do better than to have these beautiful specimens in your collection.

To purchase some great jasper and agate samples click Jasper and Agate.




Golden Healer Layout: Deeper Awakening

Golden healerI have been experimenting with golden healer crystals this month. When I got these stones, I knew that they were going to be important.

It has been several years since I have seen these stones. They are appearing now because the time has come for them to reappear and assist us all in higher healing and awareness.

The healing layout I was shown by my guides uses these stones: golden healer, plasma quartz (any clear quartz points here), golden danburite, gold spirit quartz and apophyllite. It is pictured here.

Since I like to try out new healing layouts on myself and a few of those close to me, I first tried it out on my partner Bob.

He was blown away by its power.

Immediately he connected with Ra (Egyptian Sun god) as well as his usual guide Amaterasu ( a Japanese Sun/fire goddess).

He felt a high vibration energy surge, followed by an understanding of, or opening of star channels into this dimension.

He was able to see the web connecting all life activating in a new way, extending out into the Universe.

While experiencing this, he said he felt remarkably grounded within his physical body.

Next I tried it on myself. Here is what I experienced:

At first I could feel my etheric body rising up and out of my energy field. I got the sense that I was joining with my 5th dimensional higher self in some more definitive way.

As my etheric body rose up, I was able to view — almost like a fast-forward movie — my lives throughout the ages. I saw them race by and then dissolve. There was an awareness that a clean slate had opened up. One that I can write, paint, dance in any way that I choose.

Toward the end of the session, I saw a vision of a shamanic journey that I had taken the previous week where my body was rising up through the mud inside of a lotus stem. In the journey I got to the top of the flower and could see another version of me sitting on top of the blooming lotus. I sat down opposite myself and we looked into each other’s eyes. I knew she was me and not me — a higher frequency version of me.

Today, as I lay with the stone grid on my body, I had the same vision, only this time I got up, walked across the lotus blossom and re-integrated with the high frequency version of myself. As we merged together, my session came to an end.

This crystal healing layout has a lot of potential for healing and integration into the higher self. It will need to be tested out on a few more people, but I am excited about what it is doing so far.

I feel like it will be a wonderful tool for integration and reunion of 3rd and 5th dimensional bodies/spirits.

There is great potential here to help people release once and for all, all of the 3rd dimensional lives that have brought them to where they are today. It will be different for each individual, and may not be for everyone right away, but I have the sense that it will help just about anyone who is ready to move to the next level of their own evolution.

I will update you as I work more with this grid.

Go here to see golden healers.

golden healer


Golden Ray Grid: Gateway to Higher Consciousness

Golden Ray Grid

The golden ray grid pictured here acts as a gateway to higher consciousness.

It contains stones that I consider high vibration connectors: Heliodor, Citrine, Plasma Quartz and Brucite. Bringers of light each and every one.

One of the best definitions of the Golden Ray that I have found comes from this blog article by Ahtayaa Leigh in OmTimes Magazine 2015.

The Golden Ray
The Golden Ray is the 12th Ray of Creation and is the highest frequency of God’s Light currently available to the Earth plane. It contains the essence of all the preceding rays, and its energy is what is known as Christ Consciousness; the experience of Oneness with the Creator.
When you activate the Golden Ray in your field, you connect with the Great Central Sun, which is the Firstborn of Creation, from where all souls originate. Therefore, when you connect with the Great Central Sun through the Golden Ray of Unity Consciousness, you connect with the highest aspect of your soul, which resides in Oneness with all souls. It is the Great Oversoul. In this space, everything in Creation is known, including the best solution for every imbalance. When you work with this Ray, you go beyond healing. It brings forth complete transformation and spiritual rebirth.
The ultimate purpose of the Golden Ray is to assist souls in their journey back to the One, but on a more mundane level, it manifests the qualities of peace, harmony, creativity and unconditional love. It also balances the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within. It is the Ray of God that blends the physical with the Spiritual, combining Heaven and Earth.
The Golden Ray brings you into the Now, helping you gain inner clarity and inner knowing, while opening your connection to be guided by your highest Self.

Meditation with the Golden Ray

When I meditated with this golden ray grid I got the following information:

This grid is a gateway to the light. It opens the halls of knowledge and wisdom. It is one path to elevation. A way to climb out of the darkness.

This is not to negate the darkness, for it is there that some of the greatest wisdom is gained. You do not, however, have to live in that place anymore. It is a function of where you have been, not where you are going.

The Golden Ray can come on line when you have found your way through the darkness within you. Not by bypassing it but by acknowledging it as a part of you.

By accepting and integrating all of your pieces, you can walk through the gateway of higher understanding.

In this place you can choose darkness as the deep rich soil of the Earth where creations are born. And the light of Being, where those creations are brought forth.

It is a new way to view duality. As a place of choosing and directing your energies. Dark and Light = Creation and Expression.

Neither good nor bad. Just being in an elevated state. In the sparkles.

Create Your Own Grid

This is the message of the grid I have created here. I encourage you to meditate with it for your own messages.

Or create your own grid that reflects your understanding of the Golden Ray.

Send me a picture if you like, I’d love to see your creations.