Honoring the Ancestors: Gratitude and Remembrance

honoring the ancestors


Here at Spirit Dancer Crystals November is a month for honoring the ancestors — those in our biological line and those lineages we are connected to in spirit.

For some, they are one and the same, and for others there are considerable differences.

No matter what tradition you honor, this is a month of remembering, of going within, and of paying tribute to the wisdom of those who came before.

In the Celtic tradition (which is close to my heart), the beginning of November is the start of the new year.

It is a time of introspection and connection to ancestral wisdom and spirit guides in many traditions.

Ways of Honoring the Ancestors


Here are some ways you can work with the energy of the ancestors:

  •      Create an ancestor altar — create a special place that will not be disturbed. Use a cloth or weaving that is beautiful and meaningful to you. Place pictures or objects on the altar of those you wish to connect with, and remember. Use a candle to create a focus point. Other things you may want to include are crystals and stones that have depth and layers like black moonstone or rainbow obsidian. A bowl of water can represent the feminine lineage. Fruit and flowers honor and feed the spirits.
  •      Create an ancestor plate with fruit, nuts, chocolate, dried corn, and other things that are delicious. Put the plate outside under a tree as an offering to spirit. If you can’t put it outside, leave it at your altar overnight. When you remove the plate, don’t eat the food — the essence will be gone from it.
  •      Write out some of your fears and put them in a bowl or basket. At the next full moon burn them and release them to the heavens. Ask for guidance from your ancestors as to how to release or work with your fears for your highest growth.

There are many other ways to honor your ancestors. What are some of your favorite ways?

I like to take some time before the craziness of the holiday season to go within and honor those who have come before me. I am in great gratitude for all they have taught me.

Tools for Transformation

In my healing practices, I use many tools that work with transformation — crystals, drums, other sound instruments, a healing altar, feathers — to name a few.

Could I use only my hands and my voice? Of course.

But I like my tools. There is subtlety and nuance available with different tools. They are beautiful and beauty is healing. They make me happy and hopefully assist others to come to their own healing.

Tools for Transformation: Crystals

tools for transformation 1

Some of my favorite tools are my crystals. This site is built around crystals and their healing energies. Each crystal on the site was selected for its energy.

Crystals are particularly good tools for transformation. They vibrate with different frequencies and use color frequencies to return the body to its original state of wholeness.

The body, of course is healing itself, but the stones are a reminder of perfect resonance, and act as tuning forks to return you to that state of perfection.

Each crystal has its own way of doing this, and it is endlessly fascinating to meditate with them in order to find out how they want to be used for healing.

Each stone is unique. What works in one way for me, may have a completely different use for another person. There are certain general energies ascribed to a particular stone as a starting place. They also work differently with different people.

Just as each body is unique, so it is with crystals.

Tools for Transformation: Drums and Soundmakers

Just as crystals work with frequency, sound is a more obvious way to perceive frequency and vibration.

The beat of the drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

In shamanic traditions all over the world the drum is a key instrument of healing. The beat of the drum gives your brain something to do while your body and soul explore the origins of physical, emotional and spiritual disease.

Drumbeats allow you to go deeply into your own healing. There you can find the root or origin of a problem or issue. You can see patterns of unhealthy behavior or abuse.

Drumbeats are the perfect tool to bypass the brain and access the wisdom mind.

Other sound healing instruments such as Tibetan bowls, gongs, crystal bowls, and tuning forks are all about resonance. Bringing the body back into a healthy resonance, or releasing blocked energy to restore a healthy flow.

The best sound tool of all is your own voice. It already knows the perfect resonance of your body. You can create profound healing in your body by using your voice.

Tools for Transformation: Feathers

Feathers work with the energy of air. Much like your breath clears CO2 out of the body, feathers clear the energy field. They can clear the field, diagnose stagnant energy that needs to be cleared, and raise energy around the body’s etheric field.

Many times my feathers are the first thing I use when someone comes to me for a session.

Here is a brief description of how they can be used:

  • In smudging a person to clear the energy field — you can do this with the feather only or with the addition of herbs such as white sage or palo santo.
  • In diagnosis — as you move the feather over the body to clear the energy field, pay attention to where the feather wants to pause, or where it vibrates differently. Feeling this comes with practice, but with feathers it is fairly easy to feel changes or variations within the field.
  • To raise energy, just use the feather to “fluff up” the energy field. This is often done at the end of a healing session to leave the person energized.


There are many tools for transformation that can be used in many different ways. As you study different ways of working with energy, these three tools can assist you in ways that are limitless. You only have to ask, and you will be shown how they want to work with you.


Celebrating the Fall Season: Crystal Grids

I like to celebrate the change of seasons. Each season has its own beauty, and crystals are a perfect way to enhance the natural magnificence of fall.

One of my favorite ways to change the energy of a space is to create a crystal grid. Each combination of stones creates a unique energy that enhances the vibration of the space in a particular way.

Here are 3 grids I created to celebrate the fall season.


Going Within

Going Within

The natural tendency in the fall is to begin to go within. Shorter, cooler days and longer nights encourage this. This grid contains smoky quartz, astrophyllite, and plasma quartz.

When choosing stones for this grid, I wanted one that encouraged introspection and dreaming. Smoky Quartz fit the bill perfectly. This stone helps you focus when you need to. It helps to gently ground you into the moment and see the perfection of each moment. Smoky Quartz helps you to go within and look at places where you may want to shift things around or make some changes. It is also a great stone to counteract the depression that sometimes comes with less natural light.

Astrophyllite is a stone that also increases focus. Radiating energy and intensity, it can “light up” the darker days of fall. It helps to create insight and awareness when going within. Apophyllite is the energizing stone for this grid.

The other stone in this grid is plasma quartz from Colombia. It is simply there to enhance the energy and bring more light into the space where the grid is placed. These stones deserve an article all their own. More to come as I work with them.




Celebrating the fall season has a lot to do with gratitude. Traditionally all of the crops have been harvested, and there is plenty for everyone. It is a time to give thanks for the abundance of life. This grid, to me is a celebration of that abundance. The spiral represents life unfolding in its own perfection.

This grid contains orange calcite, carnelian agate, honey calcite, and sunstone. The colors of autumn leaves, and the beauty of nature at this time of year.

Orange calcite sphere has several meanings. The sphere represents unity and wholeness. Orange calcite is a stone of energy and new life. It may seem counterintuitive, but I like to use this stone for creative projects. Many deeply creative ideas and projects are birthed in the period of inner focus that is fall and winter. Its cheerful color can also counteract the gloomier days of autum. Carnelian is in this grid for much the same reason. In addition, it adds warmth to the energy of the room.

Honey calcite to me, represents abundance. Its golden color brings in the gold ray of abundance and a high vibration of consciousness. This vibration comes when gratitude is practiced on a daily basis. This is not seasonal, but year-around. Honey calcite also links you to the continuous flow of change and growth. Perfect for this season of change.

Finally, sunstone is a stone that brings in warmth and brightness as the days grow colder and darker.


New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Fall is not typically associated with new beginnings, but for some reason this fall feels like new energy is coming in. If you would like to read more about some new beginnings at Spirit Dancer click here. There is more detail in my October newsletter. I mostly piut this grid together to use the plasma quartz. It is bringing in an incredible amount of light. It is not currently for sale at Spirit Dancer because it is being made into wands for Magical Delights. If you have experience with wands from Magical Delights then you know how powerful and beautiful they are. I will try to put some up as they get made.

The other stones in this grid are herkimer diamonds, apophyllite, and pearls (technically not a stone). All of these stones are about high vibration and light. They are reflective of the new beginnings that are starting to appear on this earth. This grid will be spectacular to meditate with as the days get shorter and the veils to the spirit world thin. I look forward to writing more as I spend some time with this grid.



Heart Stones: A New Vibration of Love

Heart Stones


I wanted to make this article about heart stones.

As usual, the Universe (as it moves through my particular filter) came up with a different spin.

While the stones in this article are certainly heart stones, they have gone beyond this. They have stretched themselves out to encompass a wider range.

This idea began with a quote from Patricia Cota-Robles. “In unity we create the foundations to build the new paradigm, give form to a new reality, and ‘love it to life’.”

To “love something to life” requires a completely open heart. One that is unafraid. One that accepts and loves all of life. A heart that is not blocked by conditions and restrictions.

This is easier said than done.

It can be the work of a lifetime(s) to come to this place of open-heartedness and unrestricted love.

It is essential in these times to begin this process.

Heart Stones Than Have Stepped Up


I deal with stones, so that is where I begin.

Here are some stones that have “stepped up” and offered themselves as helpers in the quest to evolve the heart.

The meanings and definitions that appear here are in addition to all of the other things these particular stones can do.

Green Chalcedony Druse: Healing


This stone is a healer on all levels. It works on both body and soul to help you remember your perfection.

It regenerates cells and heals old emotional wounds.

As a healer of the heart, it is one of the most useful stones around.

And it is the healed heart that will move us forward.

Green chalcedony druse reweaves the strands of DNA and forms what is left into light.

This stone is one that will help humanity evolve, and move into the next paradigm.

It will assist us in “loving this new energy into life” through a healed heart.

Green Opal: Open to Possibility and Hope


Green OpalWhen meditating with this stone I heard: When your heart is breaking over things that you can’t control, don’t lose hope. Look for the one place, person, situation that you can offer love to, and do it in the best way you know how.

This stone is a guide to clarity about what you, as one person, can do to make things better.

Meditate with it to find hope within darkness. To heal the heart that has lost perspective..

Place the stone on your heart chakra to feel an opening and softening. To feel a pathway out of despair.

Emerald: Heart Stone of Empowerment


Emerald GridEmerald is a stone of empowerment. It gives you the courage to love it all, exactly as it is.

As a heart stone, it creates a spaciousness within the 4th chakra that allows you to get clear on your place within the Whole.

It is a stone that whispers “go for it” when there is something that your heart desires.

The power provided by this heart stone is one of calm knowing, and accepting that love has no limits. That it can create whatever you need at all times.


Prehnite: Meditation/Connection


PrehniteThis stone removes boundaries. It allows access to the Whole.

There is a feeling of edgelessness — a merging into the spiritual realm.

The truth of prehnite is that it will assist you in creating such a high vibration that the necessity for boundaries is no longer an issue.

Use this stone in meditation to soar. To go past any self-imposed restraints, and reach a high level of awareness.

Prehnite is not a stone to use when you want to play it safe. It is a stone that will take you to your next level of Being. It opens up a field of possibilities that you have previously only dreamt about.

Use this stone when you are ready to fly.

Seraphinite: Integration


SeraphiniteSeraphinite is a stone that helps you to integrate body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

In the chakra system, the 3 lower chakras are our connectors to the Earth and the physical/personal aspects of life.

The higher 3 chakras connect us to the spiritual and transpersonal realms.

The heart is at the center, accepting energy from it all.

Seraphinite creates an ease of integration of all these energies. It helps you to create from the heart.

This stone is also a connector to the higher realms where there is assistance and love for all of you. You only need to ask for it.

Work with this stone to get clear on how you will gather together all of your parts and move into the next level. The next dimension.

Heart Stones


Use these stones alone or together to bring your own heart into a place where you can love the new paradigm into Being. In whatever way speaks to you,




Action Creates Clarity: 4 Stones to Get You Started


I always think of September as a time to get back in action.

Summer is winding down and the cooler days make it easier to get things done.

It reminds me of going back to school — the anticipation, excitement, and yes, a little bit of dread.

These days I feel like action is called for, but I’m not always sure where to put my efforts.

Going off in twenty different directions and never getting anything accomplished.

Or trying to decide the perfect action to take among many, and ending up doing nothing, putting things off because I don’t know what action would be best.

Sound familiar?

My favorite quote from a business coach (sorry, I can’t remember who) is “Action creates clarity.”

Sometimes you just have to pick a task or project and go for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect or every detail isn’t planned. Just act and the clarity will follow.

Whether the action succeeds or fails is not important. Either way you have a little more clarity than you did before.

My only caveat in all of this is — be sure you get that little leap in your heart when you think about what action you want to take.

The heart’s whisper can carry you much farther than any “I should” will ever do.

Because I’m all about the stones and crystals, I have chosen 4 stones that can assist you in getting some clarity on what your next steps may be.

These are not a substitute for action, they just may provide some assistance as you move forward.


apatiteApatite is about freedom of expression. It is about saying what you need to say without censoring yourself.

This stone is a superb throat chakra stone. It opens and balances the voice, allowing you total freedom to be authentic in your words and actions.

Apatite is an aid to clarity in that it helps you to get clear on what you need to express and how you need to express it.

To purchase apatite click here.



ApophylliteThese light, clear beauties encourage clarity of thought.

Apophyllites give off a high light vibration that allow thoughts to flow to you with ease.

They help you to sift through the fogginess and focus in on ideas, dreams and actions that will move you forward.

To purchase Apophyllite click here.


AstrophylliteAstrophyllite improves focus, clarity, and memory. The long golden coppery needles draw you into the stone. It is great for meditation and opening or strengthening the 7th chakra.

This stone connects you with non-physical beings in this world and beyond.

Facilitates astral travel.

To purchase astrophyllite click here.


Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamonds are good teachers, allowing your own growth to come forth as needed.

These stones connect you to your higher guidance. When you need extra help in getting clear, sometimes you just need to ask and guidance is on the way.

Use a herkimer when you are out of ideas and you need an influx of light and understanding to get you back on track.

There are other stones that provide clarity. These are some of my favorites. What are your favorite stones to help you get clear?

Magic Wands: Healing with Beauty and Intention

Magic wandsMy partner Bob (of Magical Delights) has been making magic wands for over 30 years.

H works away steadily in his workshop in our basement creating beauty — day in and day out.

He has some very specific ideas about magic and about the healing energies of stones and crystals. And his wands can be found all over the world at this point.

Anyone who has worked with and/or experienced Bob’s magic wands knows the depth of energy and healing that can be found within them.

The “Black Wand” is Born

In the last year or so, there has been a new design of magic wand introduced through a download that occured as we were shopping at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

Bob was guided to buy obsidian pieces with various designs on them — gold sheen obsidian, rainbow obsidian, spiderweb obsidian — among others.

In the same room as the obsidian, was a vendor selling shungite points. Shungite is a carbon mineral that protects the body from EMF frequencies. It seemed like the perfect thing to put in a wand.

Immediately after this, we were pulled in by fairy stones (aka pudding stones) from Canada.

Many of these stones have etched markings on them. To Bob, they looked like reiki symbols. To me they were more like a language.

The most remarkable thing about these finds was that they were presented to us in immediate succession. Like they were forming themselves into wands as we walked through and got them.

When all of the stones got home and unwrapped, they were laid out on the table together. As Bob looked at them, the design and purpose of the “black wand” was downloaded at once. The whole picture came to him in one piece.

The Purpose of This Wand

There is no predetermination of use with these black wands. All of the stones used in them have little or no crystalline structure.

Some of the stones used are obsidian, shungite, fairy stone, moldavite, pearl and amber — these last two not really being stones.

While you can program a quartz or crystalline magic wand, the other stones contained within the wand will pretty much tell you what the energy is about. They create a gridwork of energy.

With the black wands, none of that energy is there to begin with. You can let the energy of your intention for the wand move through it.

Black wands can be both/either receptive of energy, or projective, depending on the healer’s intention or the client’s need.

In other words, they can draw energy away from the client or project energy into the client.

Also, by using your intention, and the energy moving through you, you can determine the frequency of the energy being transmitted.

These magic wands were designed specifically for practitioners/healers with a certain level of experience with stones and healing energy frequencies.

An Example of Healing

For me, the best illustration of how the wands work came when I was working on a client of mine.

She naturally has a lot of fire energy, and during one of her sessions, I got the overwhelming sense that she needed water/flow energy, and she needed it NOW.

I had not used the black wand before, but it seemed to light up on the table. So I picked it up and with all of my focus and prayers “programmed” the wand to have water energy.

I laid it on her chest, and continued with the rest of the healing work.

At the end of the session, when we were processing the work, she said, “I don’t know what you did, but in the middle of the session I felt like I was standing in a waterfall. It felt like I was being washed clean.”

This is how the magic of intention works.

“The proper use of the proper force with the proper intention, as Bob always says.

Some Tips for Using the Black Wand

  • Focus on the client and allow the non-directionality of this wand to open to the free flow of spiritual guidance/guides in the Universe. Let this energy connect through the wand with the client’s specific guides. This creates a bridge of information and energies between the two, and allows you as the healer to just be the instrument of the energies being transmitted.
  • Since the dominant color of these wands is black, which is the totality of al colors (or absorption of all colors), the energy of the rainbow, or all healing frequencies, is available through these magic wands.
  • If there is a specific intention for the healing work you are doing, or if there are several intentions at once, program the wand and let it work on one intention, freeing you up to work with others.

Finally, if you would like to have one of these beauties, I would encourage you to experiment with it yourself and see what healing energies it reveals to you. To purchase a wand click here.

Let us know your stories — we are excited to hear other ways in which these powerful tools can be of assistance.