Crystals for Protection

crystals for protectionWhether you have just stepped onto the never-ever-ever-a-dull-moment path of doing energy work or you are a well-seasoned traveler, one thing becomes apparent very quickly: you have to be vigilant about protecting yourself energetically. Crystals for protection are a good addition to your tool kit.

One of the truisms is this: once you’re open, you’re open. So good self-care means regularly checking-in to see how you’re feeling within your body and being aware of the health, i.e., vitality and vibrancy, of your energy fields. This is where crystals for protection can be helpful. Continue reading

What Does It Mean When A Crystal Breaks?

Often times, when a crystal breaks, it has taken the brunt of issues you have worked through and are now ready to release. It has broken on your behalf so that you will not have to experience the break physically; your body has been spared and lovingly cared for by your Highest Spiritual Guides and Angels. A break is also change made manifest—a change that can be felt as palpably as a sudden breeze.

At its essence, if a crystal breaks, it signifies that a shift has taken place. Sometimes this release point is unknown to you—the work you have done to get to this point of releasing/letting go may be unconscious on your part, but it is, nonetheless, true and impactful. So when a crystal breaks, the first thing to do is to offer thanks for all you have been given—all the blessings you have received—to allow this moment of healing to happen in your life. Allow yourself to think of the crystal as its own conscious being connected to Creator and thank it for its service to you. Continue reading

Tsavorite Garnets

tsavorite garnetsTsavorite garnets are one of the strongest stones I have found in a long time. It may seem like I write about garnets more than any other stone, and this is true. They are stunning healing tools and the range of work they can do is astonishing. They work on all levels of healing with depth and magic.

When I sat in meditation with these new tsavorite garnets – one of my favorite finds at the 2016 Tucson Gem and Mineral show – I received quite a lot of information which I want to share. Continue reading

4 Healing Crystals To Use Right Now

There always seem to be several crystals or minerals that move to the forefront of consciousness depending on the energies of the times. These 4 healing crystals are ones that I have turned to over and over again in the last few months. They are not necessarily my favorite stones (although most stones are my favorites), but they seem to support many of the issues I am currently seeing in my clients.


healing crystalsThe first healing crystal, and one I mention a lot, is garnet. This is a cubic silicate mineral with a complex mixture of inclusions that determine the color and properties of a particular type of garnet. Some of the inclusions can be iron, calcium, aluminum, chromium, or magnesium, among others. Garnets are found in all colors, most commonly in deep red. Garnet crystalizes in a cubic or dodecahedron shape, that distinguishes it from other silicates. Continue reading

Using a Pendulum: Part 2

apendIn a previous article, I gave a basic introduction to pendulum use. Here, I want to give you another useful way to work with a pendulum when doing energy work. These tools are great at picking up subtle energy movements. As with all pendulum uses, it is helpful to be in a calm, neutral state when working with them.

Using the Pendulum To Assess the Energy Field

The following process is used on clients before any healing work is done, to discover which chakra may be blocked, overactive or in need of clearing. It is done with the client lying down on your table. Keep in mind that most chakras move in a clockwise direction slowly and evenly. Chakras need to spin in harmony with each other, so in this process you will be looking for relative differences and relative harmony between them all. Continue reading

Movement and Transition


Here at Spirit Dancer Crystals there has been a lot of movement and transition in the last year. We moved our home, which houses 2 businesses, we said goodbye to several good friends, and we shifted into this new website home.

Movement and transition takes many shapes and forms, from loved ones passing on, to new places to live, to life changes and passages we all go through. When I do readings for people, I keep hearing and relating the phrase “move your physical body, it will help you to integrate the movement and change in your life”. I know that these words are not just meant for a client, they are meant for me as well.

I wonder sometimes how to navigate the passages and transitions with grace, moving with a grateful heart from one stage or place to the next. This involves a lot of surrender and the showering of grace that comes when we completely let go into what is happening now – no blame, no regret, just moving with what is in front of us, knowing that whatever it is, is for our highest healing and growth. Continue reading

Using a Pendulum: Basics

pend2I almost always have a number of pendulums for sale when I go to a show. They are great tools and they seem to generate the most questions of anything I have on my tables. I use my pendulums (yes, I have several) quite a lot for many different things. In this article, I will go over a few pendulum basics:

  • How does a pendulum work?
  • What makes a good pendulum?
  • Basic uses

How does a pendulum work?

A pendulum accesses your higher self or higher guidance to provide information to your conscious mind. Also, in another way, it uses the vast amount of subtle information your body takes in and brings it to the surface as an answer that you may be looking for. The subtle information is held in your subconscious mind and it is transmitted through your senses to an object such as a pendulum, bypassing conscious thought.

These are two of the basic ways your pendulum will work. It is best to use it in a calm relaxed state of being with no preconceived ideas of how it will work for you. Continue reading

Crystal Essences

Another way to use your crystals is to make crystal essences. For those who use or make flower essences, this will be a very easy adaptation.

Essences are very much what their name implies. The energy of the crystal is infused into the water, such that the completed essence is vibrational in nature. It moves through your body (physical and energetic) in this way and as such, it is very gentle, works subtlety, and yet, can be quite effective.

Making Crystal Essences

The process is quite simple. Choose the crystal that you want to work with, and blow your intention(s) for creating the essence into the crystal. Immerse your crystal in a glass or bowl of fresh water***. Place the container where it will be able to bathe in the sun and/or moonlight for 24 hours or more — this would be beautiful to do over the course of a full moon (the day before, of, and the day after). Continue reading

Healing Crystals: 3 Great Crystals for Emotional Balance

balancepix_edited-2Lately I have been on the hunt for crystals that will bring more emotional balance into my life. Many of the people I connect with (myself included) are experiencing changes and growth like never before. The big question I am answering right now is: “What is a good crystal for navigating change?”

The energies of 2015 seem to be all about change, upheaval, movement, and for me at least, chaos. Behind the chaos is the opportunity for tremendous growth. The watery, emotional sign of Cancer asks us to jump into the movement of this transforming energy and allow it to carry us forward. These three healing crystals are here to help us find emotional balance within the movement of change. Continue reading

Choosing Crystals

The most important thing to do when choosing crystals for yourself or another, is to follow your heart’s guidance. It’s easy to get caught up in the mind’s love of “maybe this, maybe that”, and that can often lead to confusion or frustration. The simplest thing to do is to take a deep breath, and either touch or tap your high heart center (located slightly above the center of your heart chakra). This will re-attune your attention into your heart, and you’ll find yourself able to listen with different ears.choosecrystal

Here are some examples of how the choice of a crystal can come to you. Guidance can come forward in a number of ways. These are in no particular order.

First, and always, ask the Divine to be with you, protect you, and guide you when you are choosing crystals. Continue reading

Clearing Crystals

crystalcleanse2The energy and vibrancy of crystals drains with use. They, like us, need respite and cleansing to replenish their vitality and love. Here are some good ways of clearing crystals.

One. Smudge your crystals by intentionally holding them over the smoke of incense (“immersing” the crystals in the smoke) or a smudge stick, like a tied bundle of sage and cypress. We love using copal or Palo Santo, but any incense will do.

Two. In the Peruvian practice of the Pachakuti Mesa, we use Agua de Florida (water of flowers). We pour drops of this beautiful, healing, and cleansing water over the crystals.

Three. Place your crystals on a windowsill or in your backyard undisturbed for a full day and night. Letting them bathe under a full moon is really wonderful. Continue reading

Moving On by Jean Tindle

moving2For the last several years the concept of movement has been hounding me – moving energy, moving my body more, watching the moving away of friends who are dear to me.  It seems at times like nothing has remained stable or certain in my surroundings and of course, that is always the case.  Everything changes, all the time, and that is a good thing.

Always at the back of my mind, has been the idea that the time would come when it would be my turn to move.  To physically pick up my life and move it to a new location.  The Universe has given me nudges over the years – a business that is based on my moving around, a partner who lives in another state, friends all over the country.

In the midst of all of this was my fixed Leo sign resisting change.  And my love of Chicago and Lake Michigan, a place that has sustained me through many years and countless changes.

Continue reading

Lithium Quartz: Stress Relief Now

lithq6_edited-1Lately, almost everyone I talk to at shows or in healing sessions will sooner or later ask me – “What is a good stone to relieve stress, to calm me, to bring more balance into my life?” My go-to response for this is lithium quartz, or lepidolite (which also contains lithium).

The calm and soothing feeling you get simply by holding this stone in your hand is amazing.  One of the best things about lithium quartz is its ability to help us make transformational changes peacefully and equably.  It enhances clarity and the ability to see where the next step may be, before we go off in a hundred different directions.

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Tangerine Quartz



There are certain stones that are old favorites for a reason – their healing abilities are strong, clear and powerful.  One of these stones is Tangerine Quartz. It is my favorite stone to use when I am stuck creatively and need to remember my creative genius.

Tangerine Quartz Clears the 2nd Chakra

Tangerine Quartz is a staple in my healing tool kit.  I use it all the time for clearing and energizing the second chakra.  This is a place where fear is held for many people.  The second chakra is a place of old wounds which, if not cleared, can hinder us from leading the full creative lives we were born to live.

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Lithium Quartz: Opening the Heart Chakra

Lithium quartz are very calming and balancing, that is why I believe they are so popular right now.  When I meditated with this stone, I was given a slightly different, although compatible, use for them.  I am offering this information as an addition to many of the things written about this stone in other places.

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Collector’s Corner

Be sure to check out the new Collectors category here at Spirit Dancer.  Many times there are rocks and minerals that are so fine, I just can’t pass them up.  I may not be able to buy a large quantity, however, they are stones I feel drawn to for their beauty, rarity and/or energy.

The stone pictured at the left is gem silica(also known as drusy chrysocolla).  It is a crystal I rarely see, although I look for it whenever I buy stones.  This stone comes from Peru, one of my favorite places on Earth.  Like the country, from which it originates, this gem silica is a stone that is pure heart.

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Chrome diopside is yet another one of the stunning green minerals offered to us by Pachamama (Mother Earth).  It took me awhile to begin to hear and feel the energy of this stone.  The word heart was all I could hear as I sat at my mesa and listened deeply.  As with all things of the Earth right at the moment, it is re-purposing itself and evolving into that which can be in resonance with fifth dimensional energy.  In this transition time it is important to be patient, to remember not to reference old energy or information any more than absolutely necessary.

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