The most important thing to do when choosing crystals for yourself or another, is to follow your heart’s guidance. It’s easy to get caught up in the mind’s love of “maybe this, maybe that”, and that can often lead to confusion or frustration. The simplest thing to do is to take a deep breath, and either touch or tap your high heart center (located slightly above the center of your heart chakra). This will re-attune your attention into your heart, and you’ll find yourself able to listen with different ears.

Here are some examples of how the choice of a crystal can come to you. Guidance can come forward in a number of ways. These are in no particular order.

First, and always, ask the Divine to be with you, protect you, and guide you when you are choosing crystals.

3 Methods for Choosing Crystals

One. You may see a color or shape in your mind’s eye. Then, it’s a matter of finding the crystal(s) that most resembles what you saw. Follow your instinct about this. When your eyes land on the crystal that was indicated to you, you may well feel a “yes” in your body. This can come as tingles, chills, a heat wave, a feeling of flow, or an intensity of vibration.

Two. You’ve been choosing crystals for another or for yourself, and now you have a group of stones/crystals in front of you that all seem to be “right” ones. You can’t decide which one(s) is best. Here is a good way to allow the Divine to guide you if buying all of those incredible crystals is just not an option right now. 🙂 A helpful note: we’ve noticed that people often find it best to follow this method with eyes closed. That way, your mind stays out of the way and it’s easier to follow the guidance being given to you.

Clearly imagine the person you are choosing a crystal for in your mind’s eye. Ask the Divine which crystal or crystals are for their highest good and/or healing. Then, pass your hand over the group of crystals from which you are trying to choose one or two. You may feel a strong vibration or buzz from the crystal or you may feel your hand “pulled” to one. Be open to how this will happen for you. Whichever way it comes is right for you.

Three. Sometimes a word will pop into or keep repeating in your mind. This can also happen with images. One time, the phrase “orange sherbet” (closely followed by the image and scent!) kept repeating in my mind (Really, you just never know how things are going to come through, and never let it be said that the Divine doesn’t have a delightful sense of humor!!!). So, yup, I looked for orange sherbet, and there on the table across the room was a gorgeous tangerine calcite that I could not take my eyes off of. I have and use that beautiful crystal to this day. If a word comes forward for you, search for it or ask Jean about crystals that connect to that word or its concept. Trust that if all seems elusive or even confusing at first, connections will come forward as you search. Sometimes it takes a while for the clarity to come. Be patient.

Of course, you can always choose a crystal simply because it’s absolutely beautiful. They are true beauty and joy.

Now that you’ve chosen your crystals, here’s how to use them!

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