Clearing Crystals

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The energy and vibrancy of crystals drains with use. They, like us, need respite and cleansing to replenish their vitality and love. Here are some good ways of clearing crystals.

One. Smudge your crystals by intentionally holding them over the smoke of incense (“immersing” the crystals in the smoke) or a smudge stick, like a tied bundle of sage and cypress. We love using copal or Palo Santo, but any incense will do.

Two. In the Peruvian practice of the Pachakuti Mesa, we use Agua de Florida (water of flowers). We pour drops of this beautiful, healing, and cleansing water over the crystals.

Three. Place your crystals on a windowsill or in your backyard undisturbed for a full day and night. Letting them bathe under a full moon is really wonderful.

Four. Clearing crystals in a bowl of rock or table salt is a great way to remove toxic energy. Salt is a fabulous cleanser. People love salt baths – so do your crystals! But, keep theirs dry!

Five. Run your crystals under water for a short while, and then set them aside and let them dry on their own. Do not to use this method with the following crystals: salt crystals (will dissolve), galena (is lead), and selenite and celestite (they will lose color and dissolve over time).

Six. If practical, or if you feel particularly called to do so, you can also bury stones and crystals in your garden or backyard for a full day and night (or for however long feels right). Just be sure you remember where they are so that you can retrieve them!  🙂

Seven. Sound is another great way of clearing crystals and stones. Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, and bells are all great choices. Follow your own intuition as to which instruments to use and how long to play them. Trust that you’ll feel when the cleansing needed is complete.

A Couple of Notes on Clearing Crystals

  • As you spend time working with your crystals, you’ll feel when they need to be cleared. Most often, the flow or “oomph” just won’t be at the same level, or you may sense that the crystals have a kind of heavy, stagnant feeling.
  • Trust that you’ll also feel when the clearing is complete. Be open to how this knowing comes to you. It may change from crystal to crystal or from time to time.
  • Clear quartz tends to need frequent clearing. If you are using it in any healing work with others, it really needs to be cleansed after each use.
  • All crystals need to be cleansed, but a small handful — kyanite, citrine, selenite, and amethyst — are able to retain their vitality for a longer period of time.

This information is based on the knowledge handed down to us by our teachers and ancestors, our own experience, and by the direct experience of contemporary crystal energy practitioners.

If you would like to know more, peruse the Crystal Musings blog. If you have a question about a particular crystal or a clearing technique, Ask Jean.

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