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There is no greater crystalline promoter of ease and peace than fluorite. With its quiet beauty and serene healing energy, fluorite brings balance and ease to both your body and your space.

Although it is a very physically healing stone, I especially like to use fluorite to create a calm and loving atmosphere in my space. It grids a room for peace like no other stone that I know of. It dispels the chaos of outside influences, and clears negative energetic or thought patterns. I find it really useful to keep this stone on my desk, as that space always tends to become chaotic if I let it go.

Fluorite and EMF’s

Fluorite reduces static, friction, and tension, and brings in a high state of purity into the surrounding area in which it is put. It is a good stone to use to reduce the electromagnetic influences of devices such as computers, cell phones, microwaves etc., which often pollute our daily lives.  

Fluorite and Physical Healing

This detoxifying energy also works on the physical body, so it is a good stone to carry with you as well. If you have had a particularly rough day, sit for a few minutes with a piece of fluorite in your hands and visualize a place of calm and healing or listen to calming music for a few minutes to dispel the chaos of the outer world.

There are many healing facets to this crystal. On the physical body it also works as an anti-inflammatory agent. In areas of pain you can simply place the stone on your body. It is particularly good for joint pain. Move a piece of fluorite across the affected joint in a figure 8 motion, both on the physical body and just above in the energy field. Fluorite works to alleviate the pain and helps to release the energetic cause behind the pain in the process.

For physical pain, I recommend using green fluorite, while fluorite of any color will work to create an atmosphere of peace and calm.

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