Garnet: Workhorse of the Stone Family

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Garnet is a good stone to have with you when you wish to ground into the Earth. Traditionally this is one of the functions of garnet – to connect to, and allow your body and energy to relax into the soil and depth of Mother Earth. As I worked with these stones to determine what they were choosing to say at this moment in time, I received some interesting information that I thought was helpful.

Garnet is the workhorse of the stone family. It has many functions, some of them known, some of them long forgotten. It carries you back to the origins of the planet, the family of humanity, and to your own origins here on Earth. Garnet can take you back to the beginning, and at the same time back to the present moment of Now. It is in this depth of vision and awareness that all the layers of your own incarnations become illuminated – the many layers which make up the progress of your soul on this Earth.  

There is a depth and richness to each being, a fertile soil where growth has happened, can happen, and is always happening. Garnet puts you in touch with this growth process and connects you to those things that may be beneficial for your growth in the present moment. The goal is to grow, all the while knowing that there is also perfection in this particular, ever-present Now. The ancients knew to look deep within this stone for the information needed to grow and thrive.

Using Garnet for Growth

To work with garnet for this information, hold it in your receptive hand (usually the left) while gazing into a candle flame or fire. Ask to be shown the way to growth. If there is something keeping you stuck in one place, ask to be shown the origin of this pattern. The garnet and the fire will work together to allow you to see how to proceed. You may want to write down your feelings and perceptions, so that you can refer to them as you work with the information you receive. Or if you are shown something specific that needs to be released, use the fire for this purpose.

Garnet has remained a prominent stone throughout the years because of its ability to connect us to our own Now, which is the point of power for each one of us, in all areas of our lives.

Wearing Garnet for Healing and Energy

This stone has been worn for centuries for protection and for its physical healing and energizing capacity. You can carry a small garnet for protection. It creates a kind of shield around your energy field that repels negativity in any form. Physically, it is a stone of great healing, energizing the body, cleansing the blood, strengthening health and wellbeing. It can easily be found in jewelry, and so can be worn on the body for maximum benefit.

Use this stone for deep healing, grounding, protection and for the work that is most important for the progress of your soul. Click here to see more garnets.

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