“Lake of Material Well-Being” Manifestation Grid

A few years ago a dear friend of mine was going through a rough time, both creatively (he is an artist) and financially. He did a meditation where he was shown the "Lake of Material Well-being". It is the color of a flaming sunset; a liquid orange expanse where he can...

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The Transcendent Heart Matrix

I have been working with this grid for over 5 years now and it continues to amaze me. Below is the original story I wrote all those years ago about the beginnings of this matrix, or grid. Since the time this was written, countless ceremonies have been performed with...

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Lithium Quartz: Opening the Heart Chakra

Lithium quartz are very calming and balancing, that is why I believe they are so popular right now.  When I meditated with this stone, I was given a slightly different, although compatible, use for them.  I am offering this information as an addition to many of the...

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