As you start using the crystals, you begin to see that there’s more to it. There’s an energy beyond what you’re feeling in your hand that seems just beyond reach. I can help you direct that energy to where it needs to go to create the shift you are looking for.


When you’re on the path to healing—whether it is your body, mind, relationships, or even creating the life you desire most—it’s normal to get a little stuck from time to time. I know, I’ve been there

We’re surrounded by subtle energies: the elementals, the energy of Mother Earth, and all manner of other universal energies that are available to help you shift. I don’t heal you, but I can be a bridge to accessing those energies that will help you MOVE things forward. 

I’ve spent my life learning how to become a bridge from the problem you’re trying to solve to helping you access that opening that lets you have the big breakthrough you’re looking for.

Feel better—physically & emotionally

Live life in more flow
& with more ease

Feel connected & loved by others and the universe

Clarity on what comes next
in your amazing life

Let go of relationships
& hurts from the past

Move forward with JOY!

In my work I use Universal energy tools to manifest emotional, physical, and spiritual healing so you can live your life to your fullest potential. These tools include crystal healing, shamanic healing, Reiki, sound healing, Akashic record readings, and channeled messages from Divine spiritual guides and angels.

Each person I work with is unique, and many times a combination of techniques will be used in a session. In all cases, I create a safe and sacred space for you to access and activate your own inner healing ability.

A typical session will involve a review of personal history, setting an intention for the session, energy/healing work, and a dialogue to process any information we receive during the session.

All sessions can be done either remotely or in-person at my studio in Madison, WI. 

Sessions are 1 hour and cost $144.00 ($95.00 for students and seniors over 65).

* Disclaimer: The healing modalities offered by Spirit Dancer Crystals and Jean Tindle are natural methods of energy clearing and balancing for the purpose of stress reduction, wellness, and balance. They may be used as part of an integrative healing or wellness program. While they can be used entirely on their own, they are not meant to be a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or other licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment or concern.


Crystals have the power to heal your body and mind: their energy can be directed for specific purposes to help you activate the change you’re looking for. In a crystal healing session, stones will be placed on your body, or held just above you, to balance your energy and awaken your body’s natural state of perfect health. In effect, your body “re-tunes” itself through the resonance of the stones.

When problems present that go beyond mere imbalances in your energy field, and instead manifest directly within your body, I use a modality called Crystal Surgery to operate directly on your energy field. This creates deep systemic energetic changes that produce major shifts within your physical body. Once energetic imbalances have manifested inside your physical body, it often requires several sessions to complete the work.


“A shamanic practitioner is trained to recognize that all illnesses have a spiritual component and that everything is connected—the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. Therefore, if one of these systems is out of balance the disharmony can be felt within the entire energetic field or web. The goal of a healing is to create balance within this web and create harmony where the spirit is suffering. A shamanic practitioner is trained to step into the unseen world and locate the cause of the disconnection from Spirit.”

 – The Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange

In a shamanic healing session, we will work together through Shamanic Journey and guided meditation to release old patterns and pains that keep you stuck, and to rebalance your body, mind, and spirit. 

This deep work requires your active participation and sincere desire to release your old patterns and wounds so you can move forward.


The Akashic Records contain the blueprints of our lives — past, present, and future — and all potentialities that are available to you as a soul at any one time. 

An Akashic Reading opens up the records of your soul’s journey and accesses information that is pertinent to the issues you are working on right now. It contains messages from your guides and angels. 

I act as your guide to your particular records to help you…

  • Gain clarity on your life’s purpose
  • Discover why you keep attracting the same people and same problems — why do you keep going through this same thing over and over
  • Help you to get connected with and experience your own guides and angels
  • Understand how your past lives are impacting your present
  • And more!