Heart Stones: A New Vibration of Love

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Crystal Musings, Front Page, Stone Stories

I wanted to make this article about heart stones.

As usual, the Universe (as it moves through my particular filter) came up with a different spin.

While the stones in this article are certainly heart stones, they have gone beyond this. They have stretched themselves out to encompass a wider range.

This idea began with a quote from Patricia Cota-Robles. “In unity we create the foundations to build the new paradigm, give form to a new reality, and ‘love it to life’.”

To “love something to life” requires a completely open heart. One that is unafraid. One that accepts and loves all of life. A heart that is not blocked by conditions and restrictions.

This is easier said than done.

It can be the work of a lifetime(s) to come to this place of open-heartedness and unrestricted love.

It is essential in these times to begin this process.

Heart Stones Than Have Stepped Up

I deal with stones, so that is where I begin.

Here are some stones that have “stepped up” and offered themselves as helpers in the quest to evolve the heart.

The meanings and definitions that appear here are in addition to all of the other things these particular stones can do.

Green Chalcedony Druse: Healing

This stone is a healer on all levels. It works on both body and soul to help you remember your perfection.

It regenerates cells and heals old emotional wounds.

As a healer of the heart, it is one of the most useful stones around.

And it is the healed heart that will move us forward.

Green chalcedony druse reweaves the strands of DNA and forms what is left into light.

This stone is one that will help humanity evolve, and move into the next paradigm.

It will assist us in “loving this new energy into life” through a healed heart.

Green Opal: Open to Possibility and Hope

When meditating with this stone I heard: When your heart is breaking over things that you can’t control, don’t lose hope. Look for the one place, person, situation that you can offer love to, and do it in the best way you know how.

This stone is a guide to clarity about what you, as one person, can do to make things better.

Meditate with it to find hope within darkness. To heal the heart that has lost perspective..

Place the stone on your heart chakra to feel an opening and softening. To feel a pathway out of despair.

Emerald: Heart Stone of Empowerment

Emerald is a stone of empowerment. It gives you the courage to love it all, exactly as it is.

As a heart stone, it creates a spaciousness within the 4th chakra that allows you to get clear on your place within the Whole.

It is a stone that whispers “go for it” when there is something that your heart desires.

The power provided by this heart stone is one of calm knowing, and accepting that love has no limits. That it can create whatever you need at all times.

Prehnite: Meditation/Connection

This stone removes boundaries. It allows access to the Whole.

There is a feeling of edgelessness — a merging into the spiritual realm.

The truth of prehnite is that it will assist you in creating such a high vibration that the necessity for boundaries is no longer an issue.

Use this stone in meditation to soar. To go past any self-imposed restraints, and reach a high level of awareness.

Prehnite is not a stone to use when you want to play it safe. It is a stone that will take you to your next level of Being. It opens up a field of possibilities that you have previously only dreamt about.

Use this stone when you are ready to fly.

Seraphinite: Integration

Seraphinite is a stone that helps you to integrate body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

In the chakra system, the 3 lower chakras are our connectors to the Earth and the physical/personal aspects of life.

The higher 3 chakras connect us to the spiritual and transpersonal realms.

The heart is at the center, accepting energy from it all.

Seraphinite creates an ease of integration of all these energies. It helps you to create from the heart.

This stone is also a connector to the higher realms where there is assistance and love for all of you. You only need to ask for it.

Work with this stone to get clear on how you will gather together all of your parts and move into the next level. The next dimension.

Heart Stones

Use these stones alone or together to bring your own heart into a place where you can love the new paradigm into Being. In whatever way speaks to you,

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