Stone Stories: Listening to the Stones

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It has taken me many years to develop the practice of deep listening. I have spent countless hours in nature simply observing – feeling and listening to the energy of my surroundings and connecting with the energy of place. Crystals have always been easier for me to “feel” than plants or trees, although if I spend enough time with any of Mother Earth’s gifts, I feel deeply connected to the spirit of the plants and elements.

Stone Stories and Meditation

These days, I sense a voice when I connect with the stones in meditation. When I started, words would come through my pen almost as if someone else were writing them. This is still true for me, and I always use pen and paper when I am working with the stones in this way. Writing what comes not only helps me to remember everything afterwards, but it also helps me, personally, to let the information flow forward and understand the stone stories that come to me.

To begin with, I set up sacred space in which to be still and listen. I choose to sit at my altar when I work with the stones. I bring myself to a point of stillness and let impressions form first, then I just let my hand move across the page without thought or direction. The moment my “brain” gets involved, I stop because I know that at that point, it is just me writing my opinion. There is a time to use the brain and a time to bypass it. When you are listening to and writing down the story of a stone, or any channeled message, it is definitely a time to bypass the brain and open up to knowledge that is beyond its capacity.

Another way to get into the spirit of the stone is to simply gaze at it As you do, find a doorway or entry point, and then, using your vision, let yourself enter within it. Look around and see what the structure of the stone tells you. Ask for the spirit or deva of the stone to come forward and tell you how it wishes to be known or used in healing or in accessing information. Again, this is done in a meditative state with your mind very still and your heart wide open.

This is how I come up with the stone stories. There are many ways to do this, but all of them involve patience, stillness and practice. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t feel or hear the stones in the very beginning. Trust your intuition. Listen with your heart. The stones will speak to you, if not in words, at least in vibrations or impressions. There are many ways to listen to crystals and I will be writing more on this subject as time goes on.

If you are drawn to the crystals at all, you are, and have been, a master at using them and listening to them. My purpose here is to connect you with your own wisdom and knowing.

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