Featured Stones

I am featuring some different types of quartz right now.

People often ask me what is my favorite crystals, and nine times out of ten, it is some sort of quartz.

The stones in the quartz family are particularly resonant with the human body. It is fairly easy to feel their energy — even if you are new to crystals.

They work extremely well with your own body, and are programmable with your intentions.

Here are 5 examples of types of quartz (silicon dioxide): clear quartz, amethyst (irradiated iron inclusion), natural citrine, smoky quartz (natural radiation from the Earth), and rose quartz (titanium or manganese). There are many others as well.

I was sitting with a clear quartz a number of years ago, and received this message: “Begin with a quartz. Simple. Accessible. Made from sound and light. Resonant with all things physical. Programmed with the knowledge of the nature of all things.”

Quartz amplifies energy, so it is good to use with other healing modalities such as reiki or sound healing. It brings clarity and energy to your intentions.

Check out the types of quartz on this page and throughout the site.

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