• Blue calcite works to calm the body after emotional trauma. It creates a powerful sedative effect. As with all calcites, it is deeply penetrating and works on all levels — physical, emotional, and spiritual. Physically, it calms the nervous system and lowers blood pressure. Use this stone in times of high stress.
  • Orange calcite creates balance in the physical body, bringing warmth and healing to those places that have become frozen and brittle. For emotional healing, orange calcite is helpful in treating and releasing old fears which are the result of childhood wounding. It is a useful tool when working with the Inner Child.
  • Green calcite stimulates the immune system and can be used as an anti-inflammatory for pain. It is a great physical body healer.
  • Red calcite is a great grounding stone. It increases energy and removes stagnant energy in the body, especially in the lower chakras.
  • Honey Calcite with Barite is like solidified sunlight. It has a gentle and penetrating energy that works on the physical body to heal and protect. The barite clears toxic energy.

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