Pink Mongolian Quartz

This pink mongolian quartz actually pulled me into a space like a magnet when I first saw it at a show. When I sat in meditation and asked how it wished to be used, these are the words I heard:

“We hold the songs of the spheres. These are the sounds made when a creation is being born. Whether it is a world or a small flower, everything begins with a sound and as the sound repeats itself, shape begins to manifest around it.

We work to bring you back to the origin of things, so you can understand more clearly why something is the way it is.

We will also help you find and create the next thing you need in your life.”

In fact, these stones are singers. They produce a light ringing sound when tapped together gently.

This is a good crystal to use for creating from an open heart space. It helps you to get clear on what your deepest heart wants.

It is a soft and gentle energy that will lead you to that still point within, where your soul speaks.

Pink Mongolian Quartz has one of the sweetest energies I have felt since Nirvana Quartz (Himalayan Growth Interrupted Quartz) came on the scene around 10 years ago.

Use it to dream with, and to find your soul’s song.

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