Chlorite Quartz (cq2)


Size: 2.25″ x 1″ x 1″

Deep Healing

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I chose chlorite quartz as one of the power stones of 2022 because I found these quartz etched with chlorite at the gem show. They are from Brazil and are incredibly healing. They are also stunningly beautiful. All natural points, etched surface, many are elestials – all in all some pretty remarkable material.

Chlorite is green mineral inclusion in quartz. The chlorite quartz is a stone of deep healing, specifically related to the heart. It releases emotional traumas stretching back through the soul’s many lifetimes. The releasing that can occur with this stone can be done gently so as not to send the person back into the trauma to re-experience it.

Green Chlorite crystals have a deep connection with the Earth energy, so that the healing one experiences is similar to laying down on the Earth Mother and allowing Her to take all of your pain. If you are not in a space that physically allows you to do this, the chlorite phantoms can help.

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