Grossular Garnet (ggar1)


Size: 2″ x 1.5″ x .25″

Weight: 56 grams

Safety and Grounding

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These grossular garnets are both red and green. They engender a deep feeling of safety and security in addition to the other qualities of garnet. This allows you to open to a deeper level of healing than previously possible.

Garnet is a grounding stone. Use garnet when you are feeling scattered and out of focus to bring you into the moment — to be more present in your life. Garnet enables you to concentrate on the matter or person in front of you.

It purifies the blood on a physical level and is a stone of good health and hope.

This is the stone to use when something good is beginning to manifest in your life. Garnet opens the root chakra to assist you with issues of security and basic survival, and helps you to trust, at a deep level, that these issues will be addressed.


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