Healing Fan Grid (hgrid3)


Transmitter of Healing Energy

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Contains: 3 green garnets, 1 phosphosiderite, 1 Vera Cruz amethyst

This grid is a transmitter of healing energy.

The green garnets are stones that speed up the healing process. They enable you to release the root cause of illness. Not necessarily the pathogen (virus or bacteria) but the reason that it came to you and actually made you ill.

The phosphosiderite creates a sense of calm. It promotes deep rest which enhances healing.

The Vera Cruz amethyst activates the violet flame of transmutation. This burns away anything within the energy field that impedes a state of wellbeing. It focuses the green and purple rays to send healing energy where it is needed.

This grid is healing on so many levels. Use it as is, or as a starting point for a larger grid.

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