Prehnite with Epidote (prep2)


Size: 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″

Higher Awareness and Self Forgiveness

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This stone removes boundaries. It allows access to the Whole.  There is a feeling of edgelessness — a merging into the spiritual realm.

The truth of prehnite is that it will assist you in creating such a high vibration that the necessity for boundaries is no longer an issue.

Use this stone in meditation to soar. To go past any self-imposed restraints, and reach a high level of awareness.

Prehnite is not a stone to use when you want to play it safe. It is a stone that will take you to your next level of Being. It opens up a field of possibilities that you have previously only dreamt about.  Use this stone when you are ready to fly.

Epidote is a Heart Chakra Cleanser.  It promotes self-forgiveness and guilt removal.

Epidote allows a person to come to terms with the past and move on.  This is great for someone who is stuck in the past and needs a gentle push to move forward.

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