Tourmaline (tour7)


Size: 1″ x 1″ x 1/2″
Weight: 22 grams
Balance and compassion


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On any given day, if you asked me, I might give a different crystal each time as my favorite. However, many, many times I would have to say it’s tourmaline.  This stone is marvelous, not only for its beauty, but also because it is a wonderful healer on all levels.

Tourmaline can be used as an energy balancer, and it works with all chakras. It enables you to take in huge amounts of light. It is the perfect stone to use during these times of transformation. It can ease the healing process in the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It is a stone of self-love and protection.

Pink tourmaline is particularly good for bringing in selfless love and compassion to those who are ready to be in this place. It places you in a space of readiness to give and receive love from all dimensions.

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