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Out of all of the new products we are adding to the site right now, seraphinite is one of my favorites. It is a variety of clinoclore and contains chlorite, which gives it the green color. This wonderful stone is from Siberia and is not readily available all the time.

When I sat with the stone in meditation, I actually heard it speaking. Here are the words I heard: “I will work with you on what you are working on at the moment. If your body is in pain, I will soothe it. If your heart wishes to expand, I will open it into all possibility, all love. If your mind is overactive, I will calm it and allow it to rest. When your spirit is hungry, I will bring forth that which will feed it.”

Healing Properties

Seraphinite is a healing companion. It is a welcome addition to any healer’s tool kit. The polished version especially, has a silken energy that attunes easily with the entire energy field of the body. It starts working immediately, smoothing out the rough edges of whatever problem or issue is contained in the energy field.

By simply rubbing the stone on any area of the body holding tension or stress, relaxation can occur. Rubbing the bottoms of the feet with seraphinite is similar to receiving a reflexology session. In one of the healing techniques I teach (developed by Vivien Schapera and Beth Ann Kennedy of Four Winds Academy), this stone is used to calm the central nervous system providing stress relief, relief from trauma, treating fatigue and other nervous system symptoms.

Seraphinite and Meditation

As I meditated with the stone the other words I heard were “vision directed by the heart”.  When you look at seraphinite’s feathery composition, it has the appearance of wings. In meditation it will connect you with guidance from the winged ones. For me, it is bird energy and I can easily access my winged guide, the hawk. Many others write of connecting with the angelic realm using seraphinite, however I use other stones and grids to connect with the angels.

As with all of the stones, I encourage you to experiment with your own uses for a stone. Each crystal can have very specific uses on an individual basis and what is true for one person, is not necessarily the same for another.

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