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We travel the world to find crystals so powerful, you don’t even have to hold them in your hand to know that they are meant for you.

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Each of our crystals and stones is individually hand-curated for its PURE energy, beauty inside and out, and high vibration.


These are stones that are meant to be used in healing, expansion, joy, energy—not just to sit on a shelf and gather dust.

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Magical Delights


Our specially curated collection of stones are the worker bees of the crystal and gem world. They are calling to you to be used — to help you heal your body, mind, and spirit.


At Magical Delights, we have been creating our own Signature Style Handcrafted Jewelry Designs for over 30 years. Using colored and semiprecious gemstones and minerals with Gold Fill and Argentium Sterling Silver™, we create our one of a kind wearable art that you can enjoy for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a crystal online if I can’t hold it in my hand?

This is an excellent question and one I get asked all the time. The answer is both simple and complex — just like life.

The simple answer is, just like when you go into a store for a crystal, you may have some idea of what you want. Or you may be looking for something to grab your attention. This works in the etheric world as well.

I find that stones speak to me across time and space. There is a connection that doesn’t depend on physical presence. As intuition opens and a connection to the Earth deepens, physical presence is just one of many ways energy can be felt, and connections can be made.

It works much the same way distance healing works.

Getting more complex, in the field of quantum physics, everything is connected and everything is energy in motion. Resonance occurs when two “things” (yourself and the stone you resonate with) connect and create a harmony.

It is something that goes beyond time and space. It is a field where that which you need/desire and that which is in resonance with you comes together. Physical presence is not really necessary.

This question has opened up some new ideas to further explore. Watch this site for more information.

How do you choose your stones?

I choose my stones primarily for their energy and secondly for their beauty.

Whether the stones are sitting at a stone show calling out to me, or they are in a photo from a trusted vendor, I can feel a presence and an energy in the stones I choose.

Many times, I will ask my higher guidance to lead me to the crystals and gems that are needed most by those I serve.

It is always an adventure and many times I am surprised by what I find.

In all cases it is a pleasure choosing stones that vibrate off the page and into someone’s heart.

What does it mean to clear my stones?

While we, at Spirit Dancer Crystals, make every effort to keep our stones clear of heavy or negative energy, it is always a good idea to clear your stones when you receive them.

Stones and minerals, especially quartz-based items, attract and amplify energy. This is a large part of why they are so effective in healing or energetic work.

Because of this, you can sometimes feel the residual energy held within the stone. When it begins to feel “heavy” or “off”, or it looks more cloudy than it should, it may be time to clear the stone.

How often you do this depends on what they are being used for, and the surrounding energies of the place they are kept.

For example, I use many of my stones for healing work with clients. In this case they are cleared after each use.

It is always a good idea to clear your stones when you first receive them – Whether they come from a store or the internet.

How do I clear my stones once I get them in the mail?

The simplest way to clear most stones (with a few notable exceptions) is to put them in running water. Exceptions are celestite, selenite (or any gypsum stone), azurite or other softer minerals.

Another good way to clear a stone is to use smudge or smoke, such as sage, sweetgrass or cedar.

These two methods are great for all stones. Other methods are sound (tuning forks, bells, etc.), flower petals putting them on the earth, or simply blowing the negative energy off of them with your intention/breath.

Many people ask about putting them in sunlight or under a full moon. While both of these methods can work, I prefer to use them to super-charge stones that have already been cleared.

How long does it take to receive my stones?

We ship via USPS, usually within a week of receiving an order. Once your order is shipped you will be notified via email. We ship Priority Mail if possible, and it usually takes 3-5 days to receive your package once it is mailed.

During holidays and busy times at the Post Office it can take longer. We have found the USPS to be very reliable despite occasional bad press.

If an item is received damaged, just take a photo and return the item. We are happy to work with you in this case.

We cannot guarantee items shipped out of the United States.


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