Zyamara Jasper

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Crystal Musings, Uncategorized

Zyamara jasper is a stone that is new to me. It comes from Madagascar and the exotic name and location are reflected in these stunning stones.

I looked into the stone deeply in order to feel my way into its story. I could see it swirling, drifting and forming pictures that morphed into other pictures.

This is a stone of shapeshifting. There are layers and layers of meaning here and it takes time to bring them all out.

Zyamara jasper will assist you in exploring the many layers of your soul’s journey:

  • What do you need to uncover for more understanding?
  • What layers need to be shed so that you can move forward with ease?
  • What do you need for your highest healing?

This jasper will help you answer these questions.

It is a stone that can unravel and bring into the open all of the masks you wear. In doing this it will help you to get at the truth of who you are. Once you have this understanding, you can move into self-acceptance, and finally into self love.

Look deeply into this stone, meditate on the images you see there, and allow information and answers to surface.

Another way to work with Zyamara jasper is to formulate a question, then repeat the meditation above, seeing the answers come out through the intricate designs within the stone.

Here are a few of these gorgeous stones:

These stones have sold out. Look for more after the 2019 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

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