Citrine Clusters (citc01)


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Abundance and personal power

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These new natural citrine points are from Brazil. They are natural in color and very beautiful. Many of them have rainbows. It is getting harder and harder to buy citrine, so I really enjoy it when I can get it.

I just added these South African citrine pieces. In addition to the qualities of citrine listed below, these crystals hold a very new vibration. I believe that these crystals will connect you with your own Source energy, however you view that. They are here at this time to assist you in making a shift to the 5th dimension and beyond. I took one look at them and I had to have them all. It was difficult to put them up to sell, but I really want to share them.

Citrine is a stone of power and wealth. It opens the 3rd chakra and helps us to connect with our own power in a balanced way. It also helps to overcome mental blocks and creates abundance. Healing citrine is a cleansing stone and can purify toxins. It promotes cheerfulness.

With small double terminated pieces, clusters, and tumbled stones, Spirit Dancer will select one for you. Prices are per stone, unless otherwise indicated.

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