Diopside (cdiop9)


Size: 2.5″ x 1.25″ x .5″

Weight: 46 grams

Deep Healing

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These beautiful green diopsides are from Brazil. I believe they qualify as chrome diopside because of their deep green color, caused by the addition of chromium to the mineral.

I am really impressed with the energy the energy of this stone. It seems to give off a deep sense of relaxation. A sense of “the peace which passes all understanding” can be found just by holding it. It gives me the feeling that everything is going to be all right, no matter what a situation seems like on the outside. I have found also that it clears stagnant energy on a cellular level, facilitating deep healing for any physical disease.

In researching a little about what others have felt from the stone, it seems to work with the heart on many levels — physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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