Prosperity Grid (prosperity)



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This kit contains a candle, 4 Pink Opals, and 4 Citrines.

Use these more as a grid to activate you aspiration and goals.  You can think of it as an altar for your home or your business.

The layout pictured can be thought of as a pathway with the candle at the head.

As you set this up, consider what you would like to bring about. Or more generally, just meditate on what prosperity means for you.

Think of the candle as creating a circuit – the energy and intention flows from you, is held by the stones as a touchstone, flows through the candle and out into the Universe, then back to you as your intention is completed.  The circle of flow.

These stones were chosen because they ease the way. They both hold and transmit the energy of your desires and intentions.

Spirit Dancer (and your guides) will choose the stone for this kit.

Grids can be used as is, or as a starting point for a larger structure.

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