Tools for Transformation

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Crystal Musings, Front Page

In my healing practices, I use many tools that work with transformation — crystals, drums, other sound instruments, a healing altar, feathers — to name a few.

Could I use only my hands and my voice? Of course.

But I like my tools. There is subtlety and nuance available with different tools. They are beautiful and beauty is healing. They make me happy and hopefully assist others to come to their own healing.

Tools for Transformation: Crystals

Some of my favorite tools are my crystals. This site is built around crystals and their healing energies. Each crystal on the site was selected for its energy.

Crystals are particularly good tools for transformation. They vibrate with different frequencies and use color frequencies to return the body to its original state of wholeness.

The body, of course is healing itself, but the stones are a reminder of perfect resonance, and act as tuning forks to return you to that state of perfection.

Each crystal has its own way of doing this, and it is endlessly fascinating to meditate with them in order to find out how they want to be used for healing.

Each stone is unique. What works in one way for me, may have a completely different use for another person. There are certain general energies ascribed to a particular stone as a starting place. They also work differently with different people.

Just as each body is unique, so it is with crystals.

Tools for Transformation: Drums and Soundmakers

Just as crystals work with frequency, sound is a more obvious way to perceive frequency and vibration.

The beat of the drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

In shamanic traditions all over the world the drum is a key instrument of healing. The beat of the drum gives your brain something to do while your body and soul explore the origins of physical, emotional and spiritual disease.

Drumbeats allow you to go deeply into your own healing. There you can find the root or origin of a problem or issue. You can see patterns of unhealthy behavior or abuse.

Drumbeats are the perfect tool to bypass the brain and access the wisdom mind.

Other sound healing instruments such as Tibetan bowls, gongs, crystal bowls, and tuning forks are all about resonance. Bringing the body back into a healthy resonance, or releasing blocked energy to restore a healthy flow.

The best sound tool of all is your own voice. It already knows the perfect resonance of your body. You can create profound healing in your body by using your voice.

Tools for Transformation: Feathers

Feathers work with the energy of air. Much like your breath clears CO2 out of the body, feathers clear the energy field. They can clear the field, diagnose stagnant energy that needs to be cleared, and raise energy around the body’s etheric field.

Many times my feathers are the first thing I use when someone comes to me for a session.

Here is a brief description of how they can be used:

  • In smudging a person to clear the energy field — you can do this with the feather only or with the addition of herbs such as white sage or palo santo.
  • In diagnosis — as you move the feather over the body to clear the energy field, pay attention to where the feather wants to pause, or where it vibrates differently. Feeling this comes with practice, but with feathers it is fairly easy to feel changes or variations within the field.
  • To raise energy, just use the feather to “fluff up” the energy field. This is often done at the end of a healing session to leave the person energized.

There are many tools for transformation that can be used in many different ways. As you study different ways of working with energy, these three tools can assist you in ways that are limitless. You only have to ask, and you will be shown how they want to work with you.

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