Crystals for Protection

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Whether you have just stepped onto the never-ever-ever-a-dull-moment path of doing energy work or you are a well-seasoned traveler, one thing becomes apparent very quickly: you have to be vigilant about protecting yourself energetically. Crystals for protection are a good addition to your tool kit.

One of the truisms is this: once you’re open, you’re open. So good self-care means regularly checking-in to see how you’re feeling within your body and being aware of the health, i.e., vitality and vibrancy, of your energy fields. This is where crystals for protection can be helpful.

Places That Can Throw Off Your Energy Balance

There are some folks who never seem to get walloped by others’ crazy energy, but they are few and far between. Most of us experience times when we can feel a pull on our energy or an “invasion” of energy. Here are some common examples of situations when people may find their energy thrown off balance:

  • Being in the midst of large crowds (for some, walking through antique stores and the like can feel like this!)
  • Going into environments where high fields of particular energy waves are being emitted such as power plants
  • Passing by or working in areas where trauma has occurred (recent or past)
  • Visiting or working in highly emotional environments such as hospitals
  • Walking through spiritually charged places such as funeral homes or places where spirits are active
  • Being in chaotic environments

I’m sure other examples popped into your mind as you read this. That’s wonderful because you’re recognizing the patterns or indicators that let you know when you need to either take extra precaution or be sure to clear your energy fields once you’re back home.

The Energy of Others

At other times, the need to protect yourself can be caused the negative energy of other individuals** This energy may be directed at you consciously or unconsciously. These are the times when you feel drained after being with someone, or you feel like the cat whose fur was brushed tail-to-head, or you feel ill (e.g., sick to your stomach) every time you talk to them. Sometimes your confidence or ability to trust your instincts is thrown off whenever you’re around them. These are all red flags that you need to actively protect yourself by supporting your energy fields.

Crystals for Protection

There are many ways to protect yourself, but in this article we will focus on using crystals for protection. The following stones are excellent ones to use.

Black and Brown Tourmalines are deeply grounding and work with your first, “root,” chakra. When you feel threatened, it is the core, or base chakra that you instinctively protect. These stones support and nourish your first chakra . Both also help you to focus, which is key, because we tend to lose focus through worry over our own safety when feeling the need to protect ourselves.

“Tourmaline is a stone of self love and protection,” says Jean. “Dravide, also called brown tourmaline, is the best stone I have found for protection against negativity and drama. It neutralizes negative energy, sending it back to its source without doing harm. It is also a good stone for grounding when you are feeling scattered and out of focus.” Black tourmaline works in a similar way.

Garnet, Jean says, “creates a kind of shield around your energy field that repels negativity in any form. Physically, it is a stone of great healing, energizing the body, cleansing the blood, strengthening health and wellbeing.” This is a good stone to use to nourish and strengthen your energy field.

Pyrite is a stone long known for its protective properties. It protects against all forms of darkness. Pyrite provides a strong shield and its gold color brings one a sense of warmth and sunshine. It can also be used as a “mirror” to help you see why you are needing protection at a certain time.

Carnelian, and all other forms of Chalcedony are marvelous for repelling negative energy. Black chalcedony is a great stone to wear or use when dealing with negative energies of the specter variety.

Carnelian is used to strengthen personal power on the physical plane. It embodies the energies of jaguar. In the Peruvian cosmology jaguar is said to be the animal guide that can see into the dark and avoid the places of danger.

Anyone who has a tough time in crowds (usually experiencing a general feeling of overwhelm and drain) will likely benefit from carrying an Amethyst. This crystal helps you to be at ease and connect to the body, and to maintain the knowing of being spiritually connected despite surroundings. I call Amethyst “the everything stone” because that’s pretty much what it does. From assisting you with financial success to helping you open to receive love to protection, this crystal is beautiful to work with and is a great stone to use in combination with others.

Working with Crystals for Protection

Its good to sit and meditate while holding the stones in your hands—your time in meditation, ceremony, or prayer will be informed by the healing love and properties of these stones. Using your breath, blow your intentions into the stones. For example, an intention could be energetic protection around your body, clarity of thought about the situation, or the ability to remain consciously grounded in your body in challenging moments. You can envision a protective bubble around yourself or a part of your body with the stone’s energy.

During the day, you can carry the stones in your pockets, wear the stones as jewelry (a pendant can be easily worn without attracting attention), or you can make and use crystal essences.

The Importance of Combining Crystals

When the need to protect yourself arises, it often feels like being on a battleground. The focus leans toward defense, but it is equally important to nourish yourself to sustain and strengthen your energy. In this way, you are ready to change the situation you are in to move in a more positive and protected direction.

As you choose crystals for protection at this time, be sure to also work with stones that will help you strengthen your energy field. For example, if a supervisor at work is unwilling to listen to you or is disrespectful to you whenever you speak, a good combination of stones to work with is Pyrite and Carnelian (wards off negative energy, promotes strong sense of self, and promotes deep breathing). Combine with Rose Quartz (for knowing you’re valuable and to love yourself).

Pay attention to where in your body you either feel drained or it feels unpleasant or “not like you.” This is where you’re feeling the “attack,” and where you need to strengthen your boundaries.

For example, you may have to work with someone who suffers from an addiction. Whenever they pass by your office or need to speak to you, this individual seems to deplete your energy or make you feel heavy within your chest. You can choose to use Black or Brown Tourmaline, Citrine (crystal sunshine as Jean calls it) or another stone that feels warm and sunny, and Emerald. Emerald is a stone of love that deeply supports and brings healing to the heart chakra. It also helps you to be a bright light, but keep your energy field intact and strong.

Take Care of Yourself

Be sure to clear your crystals, and your own energy every day. By being conscientious about protecting and caring for yourself, you’ll be able to address upsets within your energy fields, and have energy left to devote to your own life and loved ones.

If you would like to receive more personalized guidance about crystals for protection, or to have assistance in strengthening your energy field, book a session with Jean. To do this click here, or email Jean at

** Dealing with harsh energy from individuals, such as in the two examples listed above, can be very challenging. Energy work can help a great deal, but there is no substitute for professional help when it’s needed. Be your own best advisor.

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