Wisdom of the Grandmothers is On Sale Now

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Crystal Musings, Front Page

Wisdom of the GrandmothersIf you are a reader of the newsletter, or a friend of Spirit Dancer Crystals, you will know that this book has been a long time coming. I am beyond excited to announce that Wisdom of the Grandmothers: Tips for Living from the Realms of Love, is on Amazon right now. I am so grateful to all of the people who have made this book possible — you know who you are.

This book comes out of an exercise I was given in my woman’s circle — to spend 5 minutes a day meditating with a photo of each of my grandmothers, asking them for guidance. As I sat with the spirits of these remarkable women each day, my pen moving rapidly across the page, they offered up their stories, wisdom and advice in the most loving way imaginable.

Early on, I knew that something extraordinary was happening, and I also knew that their experiences and their guidance from beyond was something people everywhere could benefit from. In a unique diary format, I posed a question each day and received answers that helped me to redefine my life and my path. Foremost in my mind throughout this journey was the question, “How can this benefit others?”

Through their own stories and through their wisdom from the realms of love in which they now dwell, they covered topics such as:

  • Finding your own voice and using it
  • The cost of saying “no” to yourself
  • Working to overcome resistance and procrastination
  • Dealing with change and transition in a graceful way
  • Manifesting your life from a place of power

For those people who are in the process of “no longer playing small” this book is medicine for the soul. It contains the wisdom I wish I would have known and spoken throughout my life. It is the second chance for my grandmothers (and all women) to have their voices heard.

I invite you to join my grandmothers. Sit down with a cup of tea and a scone, and delve into the wisdom that comes from beyond the beyond. If you enjoy the book, I would love it if you would consider leaving a short review on Amazon where you found it. To get the book now go here.

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