Golden Healer Layout: Deeper Awakening

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Crystal Healing Techniques, Crystal Musings, Front Page

I have been experimenting with golden healer crystals this month. When I got these stones, I knew that they were going to be important.

It has been several years since I have seen these stones. They are appearing now because the time has come for them to reappear and assist us all in higher healing and awareness.

The healing layout I was shown by my guides uses these stones: golden healer, plasma quartz (any clear quartz points here), golden danburite, gold spirit quartz and apophyllite. It is pictured here.

Since I like to try out new healing layouts on myself and a few of those close to me, I first tried it out on my partner Bob.

He was blown away by its power.

Immediately he connected with Ra (Egyptian Sun god) as well as his usual guide Amaterasu ( a Japanese Sun/fire goddess).

He felt a high vibration energy surge, followed by an understanding of, or opening of star channels into this dimension.

He was able to see the web connecting all life activating in a new way, extending out into the Universe.

While experiencing this, he said he felt remarkably grounded within his physical body.

Next I tried it on myself. Here is what I experienced:

At first I could feel my etheric body rising up and out of my energy field. I got the sense that I was joining with my 5th dimensional higher self in some more definitive way.

As my etheric body rose up, I was able to view — almost like a fast-forward movie — my lives throughout the ages. I saw them race by and then dissolve. There was an awareness that a clean slate had opened up. One that I can write, paint, dance in any way that I choose.

Toward the end of the session, I saw a vision of a shamanic journey that I had taken the previous week where my body was rising up through the mud inside of a lotus stem. In the journey I got to the top of the flower and could see another version of me sitting on top of the blooming lotus. I sat down opposite myself and we looked into each other’s eyes. I knew she was me and not me — a higher frequency version of me.

Today, as I lay with the stone grid on my body, I had the same vision, only this time I got up, walked across the lotus blossom and re-integrated with the high frequency version of myself. As we merged together, my session came to an end.

This crystal healing layout has a lot of potential for healing and integration into the higher self. It will need to be tested out on a few more people, but I am excited about what it is doing so far.

I feel like it will be a wonderful tool for integration and reunion of 3rd and 5th dimensional bodies/spirits.

There is great potential here to help people release once and for all, all of the 3rd dimensional lives that have brought them to where they are today. It will be different for each individual, and may not be for everyone right away, but I have the sense that it will help just about anyone who is ready to move to the next level of their own evolution.

I will update you as I work more with this grid.

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