Healing Crystals: 3 Great Crystals for Emotional Balance

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The energies of 2015 seem to be all about change, upheaval, movement, and for me at least, chaos. Behind the chaos is the opportunity for tremendous growth. The watery, emotional sign of Cancer asks us to jump into the movement of this transforming energy and allow it to carry us forward. These three healing crystals are here to help us find emotional balance within the movement of change.


Kyanite is about frictionless flow, or the ability to move without resistance. It balances the whole being – all 7 chakras – with ease and gentleness. This crystal calms and releases blocked emotions, bringing stillness and peace. It accesses all levels of awareness to bring a higher perspective to meditations and to thoughts.

Place kyanite at the 3rd eye to quiet mind chatter and bring clarity to your thoughts. Place it on the body at any place that feels stuck or out of balance. The best colors of kyanite to use for balance and calm are blue, green or a combination of the two.

Blue kyanite opens vision and provides a higher awareness of what is behind changes or chaotic energy in your life. It opens the “bigger picture” to create perspective around issues causing emotional turmoil.

Green kyanite is a heart healer and balancer. It alleviates depression through enhancing the ability to see the wisdom in events and know that Divine order is always present in all things.

Blue/Green kyanite balances the masculine aspect (doing) with the feminine aspect (being) to create equilibrium toward change and growth.


Moonstone is the perfect stone for the sign of Cancer. It has a watery feminine vibration that encourages emotional stability through wisdom and intuition. It creates a knowing deep within that things are fine just as they are.

This healing crystal blends and balances the emotions producing a state of calm and assurance. “Energetically moonstone provides a structure which shifts, changes, evolves and absorbs the chaos of life.”1

Use moonstone on your altar to mark and honor the phases of the moon. Create new or full moon ceremonies using moonstone in your meditations.

A good layout on the body for emotional balance – place one moonstone at the crown, one at each shoulder and one on or beside each hip. Do this just before sleep. This technique will also enhance your dreams.


Lepidolite is one of my favorite stones for creating calm and peace. It is mica which is rich in lithium (another one of my favorite “happy inducing” stones).

This beautiful crystal balances nerves and muscles, easing stress and tension in the physical body. It also brings a sense of inner security and calm to the emotions. It soothes anger, hatred, and any other negative emotions you may have (or that may have been projected onto you by others).

Because of its lithium component, it is good for periods of change. According to Jack Frasl, Crystalline Communion 2000, “Lithium has transcendental powers, making it possible for change and transformation to occur more rapidly, peacefully and equably. It is unequaled as an agent of emotional balance.”

An exercise to create a peaceful atmosphere in a room is to place a circle of lepidolite around a pink candle, and light the candle to spread this energy throughout the room.

On the physical body lepidolite works particularly well on the 3rd chakra, or solar plexus. It removes negativity, and balances emotional energy. It can also assist in dissolving cords (unhealthy emotional attachments to others) that collect in the solar plexus. A simple technique is to place lepidolite on the 3rd chakra for deep relaxation, and imagine your breath entering and leaving your body through the stone.

These three stones can be immensely helpful in navigating these times of change when chaos and imbalance threatens to derail your emotional equilibrium. I wish you all peace and emotional balance in the days ahead.


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