Scheelite: Stone of Comfort and Peace

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Crystal Musings, Front Page | 4 comments

Scheelite is a new stone (to me at least) that I found at a recent gem show. The specimens I have come from Turkey. It is a beautiful blue and tan stone with many layers — a painting from the Earth.

The word that keeps coming to me as I hold Scheelite in my hand is equanimity. When I look this up in the dictionary, it says — equanimity is evenness of mind, especially under stress. Composure, balance. Equanimity suggests a habit of mind that is only rarely disturbed under great strain. That sounds about right.

Scheelite: Stone of the Divine Feminine

Because I know that this stone comes from Turkey — a seat of ancient Goddess culture — it colors my sense of it. I feel the Goddess speak through the stone. I can hear Her faint whisper as I sit with it.

Scheelite is a stone of solace and of rest. It exudes the calm energy of healing on such a deep level that it is hard to grasp at first.

As I hold the stone I feel like I am standing on the shores of an ocean. It is the calm eternal pull of water, sand and the knowledge that there is a larger Whole beyond all of my human troubles.

How to Use Scheelite

Use Scheelite when you are beyond tired, and in need of comfort. It is the hands of the Mother gently touching your face, and telling you that all will be well. It is the peace that passes all understanding.

Use this stone anywhere on the body that feels discomfort or pain. It works with both physical and emotional pain. I feel certain that I have only scratched the surface of this stone, so you will be hearing more about this as I learn.

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