4 Healing Crystals To Use Right Now

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Crystal Musings, Front Page, Uncategorized

There always seem to be several crystals or minerals that move to the forefront of consciousness depending on the energies of the times. These 4 healing crystals are ones that I have turned to over and over again in the last few months. They are not necessarily my favorite stones (although most stones are my favorites), but they seem to support many of the issues I am currently seeing in my clients.


The first healing crystal, and one I mention a lot, is garnet. This is a cubic silicate mineral with a complex mixture of inclusions that determine the color and properties of a particular type of garnet. Some of the inclusions can be iron, calcium, aluminum, chromium, or magnesium, among others. Garnets are found in all colors, most commonly in deep red. Garnet crystalizes in a cubic or dodecahedron shape, that distinguishes it from other silicates.

I use this stone right now because it is very grounding and energizing. Of all the healing crystals, this one has the ability to bring you right back into your body when you are feeling scattered and chaotic.

Garnets work well on the physical body, opening energy channels, energizing, and creating warmth. They are also very protective, and good for keeping your energy field intact around negative or hectic energy.


The next stone on the list is Amazonite. This is a potassium aluminum silicate in the feldspar family. It is usually turquoise or green in color.

Amazonite is one of the best healing crystals I know of for stress relief and calm. Physically it works with the central nervous system promoting healing and rest. Emotionally this stone creates a soothing feeling of calm. In this instance, it is good just to hold the stone. For those with sleep issues, it is a great stone to put under your pillow or at your bedside to promote restful sleep.

Spiritually, amazonite can be used in meditation or at the throat chakra to allow a connection with your voice. It will put you in touch with things that need to be said, and clarity about your own truth.


Another of my favorite healing crystals for right now is citrine. It is a silicon dioxide (quartz) with inclusions of colloidal iron that give it a beautiful gold color.

Citrine is on of those stones that I feel is evolving its healing properties as we evolve. It is and has been used on the 3rd chakra to assist in connecting with personal power, energizing the body, and healing those physical organs connected with the 3rd chakra (stomach, liver, pancreas, adrenals, etc.). Also, it has always been a great stone for manifestation in the physical realm.

In the last few years citrine has been used to call in and magnify Christ consciousness energy onto the planet in a bigger way. I feel that its higher expression and evolving use is to help integrate the higher self/essence self more fully into the physical body. This will enable us to more easily exist in the high vibration energy amplification occurring right now as the Earth transforms. In future blogs, I will offer a stone layout for you to use to help achieve this integration.


Fluorite is a calcium fluoride and is widely available. That does not diminish its effectiveness as a deeply healing crystal.

This stone is great to use to create a peaceful and balanced atmosphere in your surroundings. I started using it many years ago because someone told me that it was a good stone to put on your desk to dispel chaos. The perfect stone for my desk. It brings clarity of thought as well.

My current favorite use for fluorite is as a natural anti-inflammatory. It is the best stone I know of for physical pain relief. It works with those diseases (many) that are caused by inflammation, for example, arthritis, colitis, tendonitis, psoriasis etc.

In future blogs I will give some exercises to use with fluorite, but the simplest way to use it for pain is to hold a piece of it on the body where pain exists. It acts almost like an ice-pack and brings relief in a very short time.

These 4 healing crystals are great additions to your crystal tool kit. In future blogs (and videos – finally) I will give you some specific ways to use these great tools.

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