“Lake of Material Well-Being” Manifestation Grid

by | Apr 4, 2015 | Grids, Uncategorized

A few years ago a dear friend of mine was going through a rough time, both creatively (he is an artist) and financially. He did a meditation where he was shown the “Lake of Material Well-being”. It is the color of a flaming sunset; a liquid orange expanse where he can go to regain his creative juices.

This manifestation grid puts you in touch with your own lake of material well-being and works to connect you with the creative flow that generates true prosperity and abundance. Use this grid when you are creating something for your business, creating an artistic offering, or creating something in your life in general.

As with all grids, your intention is the most important ingredient. Take some time and meditate with the stones you are using. In the shamanic work I do, I was taught that all things are animated with the breath, so you can also blow your intention into each of the stones you are using.

I have a simple version of this manifestation grid that I keep on a table near my workspace. The intention here is for this to be a reminder to me of the prosperity and abundance that is always available in the Universe. It is also a reminder to me to always be grateful for the abundance that comes my way.

This grid uses orange stones. The stones in the photo are smoky quartz encrusted with spessartine garnets surrounded by four carnelians. Since the Lake of Material Well-being that my friend saw is an orange color, we have found that orange stones are good. We have used Zincite, Carnelian, Garnet Orange Calcite and Sunstone. You can use any stones that signify abundance and wellbeing to you. Let your imagination be your guide. But, if your lake of material well-being appears to you as a different color, use that color instead. The most important part of a manifestation grid is how it makes you feel when you look at it.


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