“Lake of Material Well-Being” Manifestation Grid

A few years ago a dear friend of mine was going through a rough time, both creatively (he is an artist) and financially. He did a meditation where he was shown the “Lake of Material Well-being”. It is the color of a flaming sunset; a liquid orange expanse where he can go to regain his creative juices.

This manifestation grid puts you in touch with your own lake of material well-being and works to connect you with the creative flow that generates true prosperity and abundance. Use this grid when you are creating something for your business, creating an artistic offering, or creating something in your life in general. (more…)

The Transcendent Heart Matrix

I have been working with this grid for over 5 years now and it continues to amaze me. Below is the original story I wrote all those years ago about the beginnings of this matrix, or grid.

Since the time this was written, countless ceremonies have been performed with the Transcendent Heart Matrix. It has brought new guides and new understandings as I meditate with it. A field of protective angelic energy surrounds it, and it has become a permanent part of my mesa, or shamanic altar.

Here is the story of the origin of this transformational grid: (more…)

Lithium Quartz: Opening the Heart Chakra

Lithium Quartz RevLithium quartz are very calming and balancing, that is why I believe they are so popular right now.  When I meditated with this stone, I was given a slightly different, although compatible, use for them.  I am offering this information as an addition to many of the things written about this stone in other places.