Lithium Quartz: Opening the Heart Chakra

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Crystal Musings, Grids, Uncategorized

Lithium Quartz RevLithium quartz are very calming and balancing, that is why I believe they are so popular right now.  When I meditated with this stone, I was given a slightly different, although compatible, use for them.  I am offering this information as an addition to many of the things written about this stone in other places.

Open the Heart With Lithium Quartz

For quite a few years now, much of the focus of my work and my teachings has centered around opening the heart chakra in many different ways.  In the course of this work, I have discovered a type of “heart lock” that is present in many of the people I treat.  It has a surprisingly similar look to it from person to person.  This meditation with the lithium quartz gave me the following information which I want to share with you.  I am putting it in quotes because it is the guidance from the crystal spirit itself.

“Fertile ground will open once the heart has cleared.  You do not need to wait for this to begin to plant the seeds of opening, do it now.  Water the seeds with your tears, not only tears of grief, although these are fine, but tears of understanding and flow.  These are the seeds of a new way of being.  Balance and love are the ground, contained within the heart.  As your heart begins to release and open, all of its old locks, you will find yourself moving effortlessly into new space.  This is the inner space and will be reflected in what occurs and evolves on the outside.  Sit in this new space in stillness and have faith.  It is growing and expanding quickly.”

Here is a layout that may be helpful.  It can be placed on the body, or arranged similarly in an area where you live, work, or sleep.  Many of the grids we work with can be effective both on and off the body.

Place a larger lithium quartz at the heart chakra.  Use 5 smaller ones to surround it.  You may substitute the 5 smaller stones with rose quartz or morganite.  Direct the points of the smaller stones inward.  At the feet place a smoky quartz or black tourmaline, and at the head your most expansive and highest vibration stone (ex. herkimer diamond, apophyllite or a stone of particular resonance for you personally).

Once the grid is in place, allow it to remain for 5 or 10 minutes, then gently pull off the center lithium quartz, visualizing/feeling that you are pulling off a weight from that space.  You may want to replace the stone you have removed with a rose quartz, morganite, or kunzite for a few moments to allow loving energy to replace or fill the space that has been opened.

If you are using this layout to grid your space, simply allow it to fill the space with loving energy, and when you are called to focus on it, just let your attention go to your heart, feeling it open.

Be gentle and non-judgmental with yourself as you do this process, and let the calm and balancing energy of the lithium quartz to work with any emotions that may arise.

As I experienced this layout/grid for myself, I received an amazing feeling of calm and opening.  I heard my guides whisper to me “relax, we have your back.  You are safe in this space of openness.” I felt myself let go and melt into the mat on the floor.  An interesting side note: very early in the meditation, one of the small lithiums fell off, leaving me with only 4 smaller stones surrounding the larger one on my heart.  When I asked later, I was told that 4 or 5 small stones is a personal thing.  You may want to experiment and see what feels best for you.

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