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by | May 10, 2013 | Crystal Musings, Uncategorized

specimensBe sure to check out the new Collectors category here at Spirit Dancer.  Many times there are rocks and minerals that are so fine, I just can’t pass them up.  I may not be able to buy a large quantity, however, they are stones I feel drawn to for their beauty, rarity and/or energy.

The stone pictured at the left is gem silica(also known as drusy chrysocolla).  It is a crystal I rarely see, although I look for it whenever I buy stones.  This stone comes from Peru, one of my favorite places on Earth.  Like the country, from which it originates, this gem silica is a stone that is pure heart.

It activates the higher heart center where we can access our own connection with Divine energy.  It is a good stone to use when doing healing work with someone in a spiritual crisis.  Gem silica is also an excellent mineral to use to create a more peaceful and balanced energy in your space.

Dioptase is another mineral you will find in the Collector’s Corner.  These particular specimens are some of the finest I have seen in a long time, with well-defined crystals of deep green.  This stone is a copper containing silicate hydroxide, and these particular stones come from Kazakhstan.

This mineral promotes a sense of fun and play, reminding us not to be too serious all the time.  It stimulates the imagination and promotes creativity that comes when the heart is light.  Dioptase also connects us to the faery realm, and the faery relatives of hummingbird and dragonfly.  On the physical level, copper containing minerals are very cleansing.

Phenacite (also spelled phenakite), is a beryllium silicate.  The specimen I have included in this group of rocks and minerals is from Moguk, Burma (Myanmar).  This is one of the highest vibration minerals I have worked with.  This crystal elevates all who use it, so that they can see their own truth.  It opens your vision and helps you to live from a place of peace, at one with all things.  It is a stone that works with cosmic consciousness.

Phenacite is a powerful crystal for manifestation.  It will bring about changes that come from your highest wisdom and mastery.  It is about evolution and growth beyond the struggle of the everyday world.  When you meditate with this stone, it quiets the mind so that pure wisdom can be seen, heard, felt or known.  As a caveat, if there is anything that needs to be cleared before this wisdom can be felt, this crystal will bring it to the forefront.  It is a “be careful what you ask for” stone.

These are just a few of the new crystal specimens up on the Collector’s Corner page.  To go there now click here.

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