The Transcendent Heart Matrix

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Grids, Uncategorized

I have been working with this grid for over 5 years now and it continues to amaze me. Below is the original story I wrote all those years ago about the beginnings of this matrix, or grid.

Since the time this was written, countless ceremonies have been performed with the Transcendent Heart Matrix. It has brought new guides and new understandings as I meditate with it. A field of protective angelic energy surrounds it, and it has become a permanent part of my mesa, or shamanic altar.

Here is the story of the origin of this transformational grid:

When I was in Denver a few weeks ago (2011), I bought some quartz 6-pointed stars. I have had them in the past and they always sell out before I can even get them on the website. Hunting them down has become a quest for me when I go to the shows. This trip I was able to find only twelve stars.

As I was unwrapping them, there was a very strong urge to set them down in a particular configuration on the floor. It was as if I was taking directions from within and without at the same time. I placed them on the floor, and immediately went to get some amethyst points to place in a circle, and then some rose quartz pyramids to place on top of each star. This seemed to complete the arrangement.

Voila – I had opened a portal. Of course it took a good friend to point out to me what it actually was (we are not creating alone -ever – at this point in time). She called it the “Transcendent Heart Matrix”, and we both observed that I had opened a large portal with 12 smaller portals within it. I can tell you that I knew it was way beyond anything I had done in the past, almost dizzying and energizing at the same time.

Information began to pour in, almost as if a faucet had been turned on. I will share some of it with you here. The transcendent heart matrix is a tool coming from the crystalline realm to help us remember the enormity of who we really are. It is connected to the full opening of the pineal gland that is located in the center of the brain. As this gland opens to more and more light, activating our full potential, the heart begins to open and evolve as well. This matrix can be accessed through feeling and faith only. It cannot be opened by the mind, or in the ego-self.

At this time a fully opened heart will put you into a new grid of light. This is a new landscape of the heart, and the pathway into this landscape is through caring, kindness, gentleness, humor and joy. The “World Reversal” has begun, and it will spiral out in many ways, depending on the soul’s particular journey. We must begin to trust our own voice, our own divinity, which comes when we can access the complete stillness of our own heart center.

Crystals are a reminder of that crystalline light within you. They can activate the pathway into this new landscape of the heart. These crystalline stars are a tool for opening your own heart. Following is a meditation from this matrix you can use to assist you in this.

Sit in a place of silence where you will not be disturbed. You may want to have a crystal to focus, and hold the energy of this remembering. Focus for a moment on a place at the center of your brain, begin to see a light coming from that place; a glow becoming brighter and brighter – breathe into that space. This is your connection to the beyond – Heaven brought to Earth.

Bring your focus now to the center of your heart. Visualize that same light beginning to grow brighter. See your heart opening like a rose. Visualize a rose-gold light coming from the center of your heart, opening a portal into stillness. See and accept the enormity of who you are with grace. You have been here on Earth many lifetimes to prepare for this time. It is and has always been Now. Breathe in this knowledge. Spend a few moments just allowing yourself to Be in this rose-gold light. You are coming home to your own heart – really feel it. When you feel completely still within this light, spend as much time there as you like, then simply come back into your breath. If you wish you can transfer this experience into the crystal (just focus and blow the experience into the crystal), so that you are able to access it again and again.



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