Smoky Elestial: Light and Shadow

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Stone Stories, Uncategorized

Smoky Elestial crystals remind us that there is always light contained within darkness. None of these stones are completely dark all the way through. There are pockets of light shining out from the heart of each one of them.

Also called Skeletal Elestial – these crystals contain both the depth and earthiness of the space deep within us, and the “elestial” light of Being which is our essence. There are many layers to these crystals, – places of deep shadows, alternating with light. They have a lot to teach us about finding light within darkness.

Smoky Elestial can be a very grounding stone. It can sustain and stabilize us during times of great movement and chaos. This crystal can assist us when we go within to examine our own shadowy places where we may hold fear and anxiety.

When we want to go within, these smoky elestial beauties help us to ask ourselves questions about the places in us that need light. Are we afraid to look into the shadows to see what is there?  What can we learn from looking at the shadow side of us; by bringing our fears out into the light to see them as the illusions they truly are?  How can we begin to create our reality from a place of clarity and light, if we have not at least acknowledged those fears that still lurk in the shadow?

Smoky elestial can assist us when we look at these questions and begin to plant seeds for transformation.  Use this crystal to transform those shadowy fears.  Study the way it holds light inside of itself, even when it first appears to be completely dark.

A Meditation With Smoky Elestial

Look carefully at the crystal for a way inside.  There is always a doorway into and out of the crystal. Hold the crystal in your left (or receptive) hand, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Allow yourself to become completely relaxed. In your mind’s eye, see the doorway or opening in the crystal. See yourself walk through it and travel within the crystal until you reach the center. Look around. It may seem shadowy at first. Look into the shadows and imagine an aspect of yourself that holds fear, or an embodiment of some fear you hold. Maybe it is a place in your physical body that would like to be free of the grip of fear. See it emerge from the shadows, it may appear to you as an object or person (you may even see a mirror image of yourself). Escort this image into the lightest part of the crystal. In this light of truth, thank this fear or fearful aspect of you, for its teaching, and visualize it dissolving into the light of the crystal, as if it was being burned away by the essence of who you really are – pure light.

Sit in the light of this essence for as long as you like, feeling and absorbing the clarity that comes to you. When you are ready, find your way back to the doorway; the path will open up before you. Step through, and become aware once again of your breath, notice how it fills your body, feel the solidity of your body and open your eyes. Thank the crystal.

You can do this meditation again and again, working with those shadow parts of yourself that hold fears or issues. The smoky elestial creates a protective field around you where it is safe to look at what needs to be cleared, and to proceed with what needs to be done to clear it.

For those fears and dark places that can be overwhelming, or very complicated, this is not a substitute for seeking professional help. These smoky elestials, however, can be of great assistance in accessing your light within the darkness.


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