Stone Stories: Healing Crystals for Everyday Use

fbpic1In this section you will find articles and impressions about specific healing crystals that I have written down over the years, and that are still coming to me today. As we evolve, the crystals evolve, or perhaps it works the other way around. At any rate it is a synergistic process that never ceases to amaze me.

I love to sit and listen to my crystals and it is my hope that some of the information I receive in this process will be helpful to others. Look through the stories and see if one sparks a question or a comment. If there is a healing crystal that you would like more information on, drop me a line and I will see what I can do. I do not have access to all of the stones – there are thousands of them out there – but if I have it, I can give you information on it.

Tsavorite Garnets

tsavorite garnetTsavorite garnets are one of the strongest stones I have found in a long time. It may seem like I write about garnets more than any other stone, and this is true. They are stunning healing tools and the range of work they can do is astonishing. They work on all levels of healing with depth and magic.

When I sat in meditation with these new tsavorite garnets – one of my favorite finds at the 2016 Tucson Gem and Mineral show – I received quite a lot of information which I want to share. Continue reading

Aqua Aura

aqua aura 6

The beauty of Aqua Aura draws people in almost immediately. It is the light iridescent blue of star shine. There are those who doubt the crystal’s effectiveness because it is man made (or really man-enhanced). I feel that it offers the best of man and mineral in one package.

What is Aqua Aura Exactly

How is this crystal made? Aqua Aura is made when quartz or spirit quartz is put in a chamber with gold molecules and given an electric charge. The quartz attracts the gold which then fuses to the surface of the crystal and cannot be rubbed off. Through this alchemy, both elements become one.

The aqua aura crystal then contains the healing properties of both gold and quartz, and goes beyond both to become something different again. Continue reading

Celestite: Stone of the Angels

celes18Celestite is a great stone for meditation.  It moves us out of the body and into more celestial realms.  I use this stone to connect with the angelic realm.  It is also tremendously calming in times of stress.

By gazing into its many-faceted beauty, you can begin to feel calmer and more centered. The frequency of the stone will also discourage unwanted entities or energies during meditation. Continue reading


Out of all of the new products we are adding to the site right now, seraphiniteser5 is one of my favorites. It is a variety of clinoclore and contains chlorite, which gives it the green color. This wonderful stone is from Siberia and is not readily available all the time.

When I sat with the stone in meditation, I actually heard it speaking. Here are the words I heard: “I will work with you on what you are working on at the moment. If your body is in pain, I will soothe it. If your heart wishes to expand, I will open it into all possibility, all love. If your mind is overactive, I will calm it and allow it to rest. When your spirit is hungry, I will bring forth that which will feed it.” Continue reading

Crystal Essences

Another way to use your crystals is to make crystal essences. For those who use or make flower essences, this will be a very easy adaptation.

Essences are very much what their name implies. The energy of the crystal is infused into the water, such that the completed essence is vibrational in nature. It moves through your body (physical and energetic) in this way and as such, it is very gentle, works subtlety, and yet, can be quite effective.

Making Crystal Essences

The process is quite simple. Choose the crystal that you want to work with, and blow your intention(s) for creating the essence into the crystal. Immerse your crystal in a glass or bowl of fresh water***. Place the container where it will be able to bathe in the sun and/or moonlight for 24 hours or more — this would be beautiful to do over the course of a full moon (the day before, of, and the day after). Continue reading

Stone Stories: Listening to the Stones

anewsoct People always ask me how I access the Stone Stories that appear both on the website and on the little cards that sit by the crystals on my table at shows. I am never sure exactly how to answer this question coherently, but I thought I would try right here.

It has taken me many years to develop the practice of deep listening. I have spent countless hours in nature simply observing – feeling and listening to the energy of my surroundings and connecting with the energy of place. Crystals have always been easier for me to “feel” than plants or trees, although if I spend enough time with any of Mother Earth’s gifts, I feel deeply connected to the spirit of the plants and elements. Continue reading

Choosing Crystals

The most important thing to do when choosing crystals for yourself or another, is to follow your heart’s guidance. It’s easy to get caught up in the mind’s love of “maybe this, maybe that”, and that can often lead to confusion or frustration. The simplest thing to do is to take a deep breath, and either touch or tap your high heart center (located slightly above the center of your heart chakra). This will re-attune your attention into your heart, and you’ll find yourself able to listen with different ears.choosecrystal

Here are some examples of how the choice of a crystal can come to you. Guidance can come forward in a number of ways. These are in no particular order.

First, and always, ask the Divine to be with you, protect you, and guide you when you are choosing crystals. Continue reading

Clearing Crystals

crystalcleanse2The energy and vibrancy of crystals drains with use. They, like us, need respite and cleansing to replenish their vitality and love. Here are some good ways of clearing crystals.

One. Smudge your crystals by intentionally holding them over the smoke of incense (“immersing” the crystals in the smoke) or a smudge stick, like a tied bundle of sage and cypress. We love using copal or Palo Santo, but any incense will do.

Two. In the Peruvian practice of the Pachakuti Mesa, we use Agua de Florida (water of flowers). We pour drops of this beautiful, healing, and cleansing water over the crystals.

Three. Place your crystals on a windowsill or in your backyard undisturbed for a full day and night. Letting them bathe under a full moon is really wonderful. Continue reading

Tibetan Quartz

tibqTibetan quartz is a stone that holds an effervescent energy. There is a lightness and clarity to this stone, and many of them contain rainbows. In meditation, when I ask for information from the stone, this is what I see:

The stone takes me up into the mountains and there is a sense of leaving everything behind but my essence – and that essence is the rainbow. Here on the mountain, I can see things with a clear mind, just what is, nothing more and nothing less. There is also the feeling of exuberance felt at the sight of a rainbow. There is nothing to do but try to make the right choices, the choices that will lighten my heart. Make this choice whenever you can, the crystal whispers to me through the wind. And then on that mountaintop, I feel clear water, clean air, nothing but heaven meeting earth in that still point of Being. Continue reading

Smoky Elestial: Light and Shadow

sme14Smoky Elestial crystals remind us that there is always light contained within darkness. None of these stones are completely dark all the way through. There are pockets of light shining out from the heart of each one of them.

Also called Skeletal Elestial – these crystals contain both the depth and earthiness of the space deep within us, and the “elestial” light of Being which is our essence. There are many layers to these crystals, – places of deep shadows, alternating with light. They have a lot to teach us about finding light within darkness.

Smoky Elestial can be a very grounding stone. It can sustain and stabilize us during times of great movement and chaos. This crystal can assist us when we go within to examine our own shadowy places where we may hold fear and anxiety. Continue reading

Garnet: Workhorse of the Stone Family

garnetsGarnet is a good stone to have with you when you wish to ground into the Earth. Traditionally this is one of the functions of garnet – to connect to, and allow your body and energy to relax into the soil and depth of Mother Earth. As I worked with these stones to determine what they were choosing to say at this moment in time, I received some interesting information that I thought was helpful.

Garnet is the workhorse of the stone family. It has many functions, some of them known, some of them long forgotten. It carries you back to the origins of the planet, the family of humanity, and to your own origins here on Earth. Garnet can take you back to the beginning, and at the same time back to the present moment of Now. It is in this depth of vision and awareness that all the layers of your own incarnations become illuminated – the many layers which make up the progress of your soul on this Earth.   Continue reading


fluoriteThere is no greater crystalline promoter of ease and peace than fluorite. With its quiet beauty and serene healing energy, fluorite brings balance and ease to both your body and your space.

Although it is a very physically healing stone, I especially like to use fluorite to create a calm and loving atmosphere in my space. It grids a room for peace like no other stone that I know of. It dispels the chaos of outside influences, and clears negative energetic or thought patterns. I find it really useful to keep this stone on my desk, as that space always tends to become chaotic if I let it go.

Fluorite and EMF’s

Fluorite reduces static, friction, and tension, and brings in a high state of purity into the surrounding area in which it is put. It is a good stone to use to reduce the electromagnetic influences of devices such as computers, cell phones, microwaves etc., which often pollute our daily lives.   Continue reading


       aq13.jpg    Every now and then I come across a stone whose meaning and purpose has evolved beyond what the books say. Even my own first impressions seem no longer complete. Aquamarine is just such a stone. Just as many of us are shifting and changing, this stone is evolving to assist us in the new reality we are creating as a whole.

You can attune a stone to your own intentions and receive guidance on its specific purpose for you in all cases. There are certain characteristics though, which the stone seems to convey for everyone.

In my meditations with this stone, I hear the words “blue water”. This is, of course, the literal translation of aquamarine. It reminds me of fluidity – the ability to move around and through any obstacle on your path. Continue reading