Crystal Essences

Another way to use your crystals is to make crystal essences. For those who use or make flower essences, this will be a very easy adaptation.

Essences are very much what their name implies. The energy of the crystal is infused into the water, such that the completed essence is vibrational in nature. It moves through your body (physical and energetic) in this way and as such, it is very gentle, works subtlety, and yet, can be quite effective.

Making Crystal Essences

The process is quite simple. Choose the crystal that you want to work with, and blow your intention(s) for creating the essence into the crystal. Immerse your crystal in a glass or bowl of fresh water***. Place the container where it will be able to bathe in the sun and/or moonlight for 24 hours or more — this would be beautiful to do over the course of a full moon (the day before, of, and the day after). (more…)

Stone Stories: Healing Crystals for Everyday Use

I love to sit and listen to my crystals and it is my hope that some of the information I receive in this process will be helpful to others. Look through the stories and see if one sparks a question or a comment. If there is a healing crystal that you would like more information on, drop me a line and I will see what I can do. I do not have access to all of the stones – there are thousands of them out there – but if I have it, I can give you information on it.

Stone Stories: Listening to the Stones

It has taken me many years to develop the practice of deep listening. I have spent countless hours in nature simply observing – feeling and listening to the energy of my surroundings and connecting with the energy of place. Crystals have always been easier for me to “feel” than plants or trees, although if I spend enough time with any of Mother Earth’s gifts, I feel deeply connected to the spirit of the plants and elements. (more…)

Choosing Crystals

The most important thing to do when choosing crystals for yourself or another, is to follow your heart’s guidance. It’s easy to get caught up in the mind’s love of “maybe this, maybe that”, and that can often lead to confusion or frustration. The simplest thing to do is to take a deep breath, and either touch or tap your high heart center (located slightly above the center of your heart chakra). This will re-attune your attention into your heart, and you’ll find yourself able to listen with different ears.

Here are some examples of how the choice of a crystal can come to you. Guidance can come forward in a number of ways. These are in no particular order.

First, and always, ask the Divine to be with you, protect you, and guide you when you are choosing crystals. (more…)

Clearing Crystals

The energy and vibrancy of crystals drains with use. They, like us, need respite and cleansing to replenish their vitality and love. Here are some good ways of clearing crystals.

One. Smudge your crystals by intentionally holding them over the smoke of incense (“immersing” the crystals in the smoke) or a smudge stick, like a tied bundle of sage and cypress. We love using copal or Palo Santo, but any incense will do.

Two. In the Peruvian practice of the Pachakuti Mesa, we use Agua de Florida (water of flowers). We pour drops of this beautiful, healing, and cleansing water over the crystals.

Three. Place your crystals on a windowsill or in your backyard undisturbed for a full day and night. Letting them bathe under a full moon is really wonderful. (more…)

Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan quartz is a stone that holds an effervescent energy. There is a lightness and clarity to this stone, and many of them contain rainbows. In meditation, when I ask for information from the stone, this is what I see:

The stone takes me up into the mountains and there is a sense of leaving everything behind but my essence – and that essence is the rainbow. Here on the mountain, I can see things with a clear mind, just what is, nothing more and nothing less. There is also the feeling of exuberance felt at the sight of a rainbow. There is nothing to do but try to make the right choices, the choices that will lighten my heart. Make this choice whenever you can, the crystal whispers to me through the wind. And then on that mountaintop, I feel clear water, clean air, nothing but heaven meeting earth in that still point of Being. (more…)