Tsavorite Garnets

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Tsavorite garnets are one of the strongest stones I have found in a long time. It may seem like I write about garnets more than any other stone, and this is true. They are stunning healing tools and the range of work they can do is astonishing. They work on all levels of healing with depth and magic.

When I sat in meditation with these new tsavorite garnets – one of my favorite finds at the 2016 Tucson Gem and Mineral show – I received quite a lot of information which I want to share.

Tsavorite Garnets: Energy of Green and Gold

Many of the tsavorite garnets in this grouping also contained pyrite, and this is what I used in my meditation. The green and gold energy that comes through first is one of prosperity and an openness to that energy. This stone will bring prosperity into your life in a way that is in balance with the way you want to live. It carries the lesson that money/the energy of exchange is simply that – energy. It assists you to open to the energetic flow of a generous and abundant Universe.

Tsavorite garnets are also a great physical healer, similar to emerald in its ability to deeply heal the physical body. It is a green fire which warms, heals and cauterizes but does not destroy. The stone works with the green ray that is the energy of love and the vibration of healing.

Tsavorite Garnets: Healer’s Stone

This stone is connected to Archangel Raphael. It is a healer’s stone, opening up the connection to Universal energies that are available for healers. It doesn’t matter what modality you are using, tsavorite garnet will enhance or open a deeper connection to healing energies available.

When researching the green ray and Archangel Raphael, I came across the following quote from Kathryn Keeton that describes exactly what I feel from Tsavorite garnets:

“Archangel Raphael is the angel of Divine Healing, although he can call forth a full array of healing frequencies directly from Divine Source, he works primarily with the green and gold rays. The gold ray is the way of Divine Healing. The frequencies are extremely high resonance. The purpose of the gold ray is soul level healing, soul-activation, and support for attaining full soul expression. Archangel Raphael and the healing angels that he accesses use this gold ray healing for a myriad of things. The Divine Healing energy can be used for clearing the soul of impediments such as: imprinting from other people, soul wounds from this life and others, belief systems and mental programming and more. Gold ray energy can be utilized for healing work such as soul retrieval, soul repair, activation of higher levels of consciousness and integration of Higher Self awareness in the body, mind and heart.

Archangel Raphael also works with the energy of the green ray. The green ray is used for physical healing. The body is truly the temple of the soul. Your body is the Scared Space which your soul has the opportunity to embody, live and work through. Physical healing, repair and periodic upgrade are part of what the green ray can help you with. You can call on Archangel Raphael and his angels to help you with everything from small aches and pains to major healing tasks such as acute or chronic illness or injury. The green ray can be used to clear and heal your energy meridians, organs, glands, muscles, fascia and even your bones. This ray of healing can be used to heal and repair brain tissue, systems in the body such as the cardiovascular system or lymphatic system. It can also be used to attune the body, heal past life traumas which manifest physically and to open higher brain centers for soul-level perception.”

As I said earlier, this stone is one of the strongest stones I have experienced in a long time. It is a stone whose time has arrived, and it is here to help humanity (especially those who are healers) to rise to the next level. To purchase tsavorite garnets click here.

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