Stones of the Sun: Radiance in Form

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Front Page, Stone Stories

In keeping with the sun celebration here at Spirit Dancer, I am going to write about some of the stones that I think best represent that energy.

The sun is all about transformation and regeneration. It is about possibility and taking positive action.

The following list of stones is by no means complete. These are just a few of the stones I am connecting with this month.

Golden Healers

I was recently able to get these crystals again after a period of several years. They are a great example of sun consciousness, or higher consciousness.

I worked on my partner Bob recently with a layout of these crystals (more about this in a later article). He immediately connected to Ra (ancient Egyptian sun god) who was showing him the portal created by the sun. A gateway into higher consciousness.

Golden Healers can be used for deep healing on all levels. Repatterning and realignment come as your body attunes to these stones.

These crystals have come to remind us of our connection to the Divine. To remind us that we are the Divine.

Gold Spirit Quartz

These wonders have a natural iridescence that is created by the Earth. From South Africa, they represent passion and compassion at the same time.

Spirit Quartz can be used to balance the energy in a room. To bring peace to situations that can become tense or unsettled.

This stone invites you to take a deep breath and focus on the light within any situation.

Honey Calcite with Barite

These stones are like solidified sunlight.

Calcite is a gentle but penetrating energy that works on the physical body to heal and protect.

Honey calcite activates the 3rd chakra. In these stones specifically, the barite inclusions are great for removing toxic energy, and physical toxins from the body.

Use this stone to clear unwanted energies from negative situations.

They also promote a happy, upbeat energy, and are great stones to carry with you during your day. Leave them in the sun to charge and clear.


Brucite is a stone of light activation. It automatically goes to the place in the body that is most in need of healing and fills it with light energy.

It is like a reiki treatment in a crystal.

These stones are small but powerful. The yellow-colored ones have been recently found in Pakistan.

It is magnesium hydroxide, so it can be used anywhere that magnesium is beneficial — bones, nerve fibers, glands, and muscles.

Wrapping Up

I have already gone on and on about citrine, so I’ll just mention that any time you need the energy of the sun — a citrine is the perfect stone.

The other stone of the sun that I love, is heliodor. It is hard to find and expensive, but if you get a chance to have one, take it. A stone of Christ-consciousness, heliodor will connect you to the highest vibration available with love and joy.

Let me know about the stones you use to work with sun energy. I have left out the most obvious one — sunstone — because I am working more with golden energies. It is also a great stone when you need a little piece of the sun in your life.

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