Citrine: Stone of Radiance

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Crystal Musings, Front Page

To me, citrine is the stone that most captures the light of the sun in all of its radiance. In this season of the return of the sun, this is a particularly appropriate stone to focus on.

I feature it periodically, because it is one of my favorite stones. One of my friends once said that she would buy all the citrine in the world if she could. A woman after my own heart.

Traditionally, citrine works with the 3rd chakra, and it helps you connect to your own power which comes from love. It is also a stone of abundance and manifestation.

According to my favorite book, Crystalline Communion 2000, “the third chakra is where we inhale our inspiration for life, and citrine facilitates an influx of white light and positive energies through this chakra.”

Lately the energies of this stone are working with the heart chakra and the 5th dimensional frequency of compassion that originates there.It is the stone most connected with the “Christ Consciousness” of the new energies coming onto the Earth at this time.

Citrine helps you to access your own radiance. It connects you to the work of your highest essence. What I see it doing is assisting you to access more of your “higher self” within the physical body.

Use this stone when you want to get clear, release distractions and fears, and really connect with the power that comes from Source.

Citrines connect you with your own sun energy, especially when you feel depleted or sad.

Some of the new citrines I have for sale come from South Africa. They have a natural deep gold color that is amazing. You can see them here.

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